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This Week in Albany

Week ending September 26, 2014

Failure of Outsourcing

In 2006, then-Governor Mitch Daniels signed a 75 year lease giving a private company control of the Indiana Toll Road in exchange for a one-time payment of $3.8 billion. The operator filed for bankruptcy this week.

The private company will continue to operate the road while it works its way through bankruptcy proceedings, leading to serious concerns over the quality of the road and increasing tolls.

The Toll Road is just the latest example of ill-advised outsourcing decisions hurting communities across the country. While a $3.8 billion up-front payment sounds good, taxpayers are left with no say in in the road’s operation. Tolls can be raised at the whim of a private operator, and there is no guarantee that the level of service will match what the public demands.

CSEA will continue to push for legislation that increases transparency and accountability in contracting out to ensure that cases like the Indiana Toll Road don’t happen in New York.

Election Spotlight

Over the coming weeks, “This Week in Albany” will be highlighting important elections throughout the State. We start in Nassau County and focus on the race for Senate District 7 between Senator Jack Martins and Adam Haber.

You can read the election spotlight here.

Long Island Senate Candidate Drops Out of Race

David Denenberg, the Democratic candidate in the race to succeed retired State Senator Charles Fuschillo, withdrew from the race this week when it was revealed that his old lawfirm had accused him of billing more than $2 million for hours he had never worked.

CSEA endorsed Republican Michael Venditto in the race.

Registration Deadline Approaching Fast

The deadline to register to vote in the General Election is October 10. Registration materials can be found here. Don’t forget to register!

This Week in Albany

Week ending September 26, 2014

Headlines include:

  • Failure of Outsourcing
  • Election Spotlight
  • Long Island Senate Candidate Drops Out of Race
  • Registration Deadline Approaching Fast

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Election Spotlight – SD 7

Over the coming weeks, “This Week in Albany” will be highlighting important elections throughout the State.

We start this week in Nassau County and focus on the race for Senate District 7 between incumbent Senator Jack Martins and Democratic challenger Adam Haber.

Senate District 7

CSEA Metropolitan Region activists join nearly 500,000 marchers for People’s Climate March


CSEA Metropolitan Region President Lester Crockett and Metropolitan Region activists participate in the People’s Climate March in Manhattan on Sept. 21.

CSEA Metropolitan Region President Lester Crockett and Metropolitan Region activists joined nearly a half million people for the People’s Climate March in Manhattan on Sept. 21. The march, the largest demonstration for climate action in history, traveled from Central Park and shut down Times Square.

More than 1.000 organizations around the world supported the march, including public and private sector worker unions in New York City and a coalition of Buddhist monks.

CSEA joined proud union members and labor allies who are both concerned for our communities and determined to make a difference. An unprecedented array of forces for climate, economic justice and environmental justice, including labor, community, environmental, human rights, faith, and arts organizations, came together for this march.

Like the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom identified with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the march emphasized the centrality of jobs to other forms of progress – in this case climate progress. The two crises of the climate and the economy have one solution – put people to work making our economy climate-safe.

March supporters from labor organizations maintain that we can create good paying union jobs that address the climate crisis by reducing our emissions and transition us to a sustainable, equitable economy with energy efficient buildings, improved and expanded public transit systems, renewables-based power, sustainable waste systems, and much more.

Addressing the climate crisis is an opportunity to reduce unemployment, grow our unions, improve our community’s health and restore balance to our environment. It’s also an opportunity to challenge the 1 percent and corporate CEOs who are responsible for both attacking our unions and polluting our environment and causing climate change. They are the main reason why the United Nations has failed to reach a binding global agreement on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The United Nations Climate Summit this week marks the beginning of a busy 18 months of crucial international negotiations. Climate negotiators will head to Lima, Peru, in December 2014 to make progress towards a global climate deal. Then, in September 2015 world leaders will meet back in New York to adopt a new development agenda called the Sustainable Development Goals. In December 2015, leaders will gather in Paris to try and sign a new international climate treaty.

Learn more about the march and participating organizations
See photos
See the Huffington Post’s coverage of the march

Putnam Local efforts aid animal charity

strong-communities-workRecognizing a growing need in their community, leaders of the Putnam County Local used CSEA’s strength in numbers to lend a hand.

At the annual local family picnic in August held at Camp Kiwi in Mahopac, Putnam activists raised $522 through a silent auction. Those proceeds were generously donated to Putnam Felines Inc., a charity in Putnam County that spearheads adoption and trap/spay/neuter efforts in the growing feral cat population.

Local President Jane Meunier-Gorman said the project was an appropriate fit with the growing Strong Communities Work initiative. That local has previously supported local animal shelters, and Meunier-Gorman said members’ existing involvement in animal aid led to the fundraiser idea.

Times Union/Siena College Upstate Economic Poll: Most New Yorkers have bleak view of economy

MoneyA Times Union/Siena College Upstate Economic Poll released Monday, Sept. 22, shows that the majority of upstate New Yorkers worry about money.

Nearly two-thirds of poll respondents think our country’s best economic days are behind us and that the next generation will have to accept a lower standard of living, and 68 percent believe that a young person coming of age today in Upstate New York has less opportunity for success than someone 25 years ago. A majority of responders also have strong concerns about their ability to pay bills and buy necessities, such as groceries and gasoline. Only 28 percent of responders expect things to improve for them over the next year.

The poll also shows that less than one-third of respondents are adequately prepared for retirement.

Read the news release on the poll
See the poll questions and responses
Read the Times Union’s coverage of the poll and results

Census Data Again Shows Importance of Unions to the Middle Class

The Center for American Progress Action Fund has released an analysis of Census data that illustrates how important unions are in the existence of a strong middle class.

From the analysis:

Weakening unions lead to a feebler middle class because unions are critical supporters of middle-class-friendly policies, both in the workplace and in the political arena. Unions fight for better wages and essential benefits for their members and help ensure that the nation’s democracy works for the entire middle class by encouraging greater worker participation in the political process and defending crucial programs such as Social Security and the minimum wage. A testament to the effectiveness and importance of these union activities, numerous studies find that that union members have higher wages and better access to health care and retirement benefits than non-union members, and other research shows that unions are one of the only large interest groups in the United States that actually represent the stated interests of the middle class.

Click here to read the full analysis.

March To Support Our Veterans!



Our Central Region Veterans Committee will be leading off a contingent of CSEA members marching in the upcoming CNY Veterans Parade.

Join us at 11 a.m. on Saturday, November 8 at the State Fairgrounds in Syracuse as we march to thank all our veterans for their service!

More info and downloadable flyer

vets comm logotype

We are also inviting our members to join us as we send a contingent of CSEA veterans to march in the 95th annual NYC Veterans Day Parade on Tuesday, November 11.

Our Region is sponsoring two buses to bring members to the event. Buses will leave from Utica/Syracuse and Oneonta/Binghamton.

More info and downloadable flyer