Support needed for fundraisers at region conference

free-clip-art-store-turkey-clip-artOrganizers of the upcoming Southern Region Weekend are asking for officers and other attendees to support fundraising efforts aimed at providing Thanksgiving meals to families in need.

They are requesting all attendees bring non-perishable food items with a Thanksgiving theme  to the conference.

Organizers will be selling 50/50 raffle tickets during the conference; proceeds will be used to purchase Thanksgiving turkeys for families in need. Officers are also asked to donate a door prize for a drawing that will take place on Sunday morning.

Thank you for your support!

Political Action

This Week in Albany

Week ending September 25, 2015

Updated Fiscal Stress Scores Released

Comptroller DiNapoli released the latest fiscal stress scores for local governments this week, finding 44 municipalities in the state to be fiscally stressed. Last year, only 35 municipalities were considered to be in stress.

State aid to municipalities through Aid and Incentives to Municipalities (AIM) payments has remained flat since Fiscal Year 2008-09. This lack of state support has clearly added to the stress felt by local governments. For years CSEA has advocated for increased support for local governments, and we will continue to do so until the needs of our communities are properly met.

New Labor Commissioner

Governor Cuomo has nominated Roberta Reardon to replace acting Labor Commissioner Mario Musolino, pending state Senate approval. Mrs. Reardon was a founding co-president of the entertainment industry union SAG-AFTRA and served as a special liaison to the AFL-CIO.

Boehner to Resign from Congress

It was announced this week that Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will resign his seat in the House of Representatives at the end of October. Mr. Boehner, who has been in Congress since 1990, has faced mounting pressure from the right wing of his party, including a recent push to defund Planned Parenthood or shut down the government.

Affordable Childcare Available

The New York Union Child Care Coalition has developed a pilot project for working parents to increase access to child care subsidies and quality care in NYC for children up to 13 years of age within qualifying incomes. Please click flyer for more information.


Canal worker Les Dawson


School bus

Providing a sound education to all children is essential to ensuring that New York has a bright future. In addition to the obvious funding need for pre-K-12 programs, schools across the state have an estimated $2.1 billion in infrastructure funding needs. While some progress has been made in recent years in terms of funding for schools and libraries, there is still much work to be done.

Further, New York’s public colleges and community colleges train and educate the workforce of tomorrow. We must ensure that proper funding exists so that quality education remains available.



New York’s infrastructure is in desperate need of investment. In a 2012 report, Comptroller DiNapoli revealed that New York State was facing an $89 billion shortfall in funding for water, sewer, and transportation infrastructure.

Communities across the state are facing unmet needs including crumbling roads and bridges and water and sewer systems that are nearly a century old. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave New York a “C-“ rating in its 2015 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, including a “D-“ rating for roads, a “D” rating for wastewater, and a “D+” rating for bridges.

With increasingly frequent severe weather events adding to existing needs, it is critical that our state invest in critical infrastructure that keeps our communities moving.



The delivery of health care in New York State is changing drastically. While these changes are being made, it is critical that we do not allow essential services to be eliminated from our communities.

Local Communities

State assistance to local governments, known as Aid and Incentives to Municipalities, has been held flat at $715 million since Fiscal Year 2008-09. Due to inflation, municipalities are actually worse off today than they were in 2008. In order to keep up with inflation, municipalities would need over $791 million from the state per year.

This lack of state support has stressed local services and led to severe job loss. Tens of thousands local govenrment jobs have been lost in recent years as the state has struggled to recover from the Great Recession. Our communities deserve better. We can invest in local economies by putting people back to work in decent paying, family sustaining jobs providing services that our communities depend on every single day.

Economic Balance

David G. Klein

David G. Klein


New York ranks worst in the nation in terms of economic balance.

From 2009 – 2012, the income of the top 1% increased by 32% while the income of the bottom 99% decreased by 1.1%.

Economic Policy Institute

Economic Policy Institute

Our state needs a better balance between corporations and CEO’s and the economic stability of working people.