President Nick LaMorte returns to 103.9 FM

Long Island Region President Nick LaMorte paid another visit to the 103.9 FM show, “Your Island.” Hear what he had to say about CSEA, here:


Steward workshop

If you’re interested in getting more involved in CSEA, you’ll definitely want to take the Steward workshop. The two-part workshop will teach you what you need to know about the position.


Steward February 6-7, 2018-Oceanside-PA[2]

Defensive driving classes are back

Reduce points on your driving record and save money on your auto insurance when you take the New York Safety Program’s defensive driving class.

NYSP Jan-Jun 2018 Schedule

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Save the Date Words Circled on Calendar Red MarkerUpcoming Capital Region  and Statewide events.

Region 4 Spring Conference, March 20-22, Saratoga Hiltom

Statewide OSH Conference, April 27-29

Region 4 Annual Conference, September 20-23, Turning Stone Resort

Annual Delegates Meeting,October 29-November 2, Sheraton, NYC






This Week in Albany

Week ending December 8, 2017

Legislative Update

All of CSEA’s outstanding priority bills were sent to the Governor this week, along with a total of 98 bills sent to the Governor’s desk.

CSEA sent letters in support of several bills to the Governor’s office (links below).

There are now only seven bills that passed both houses and have not been sent to the Governor.

Among the bills sent were:

  • A.7891 – Hooper / S.6788 – Rules: This bill would allow employees of Nassau County to receive a step increase if a wage freeze is ordered by the Nassau Interim Finance Authority (NIFA).
  • S.5681 – Ortt / A.7399-A – Gunther: This bill would codify existing community based programs that are operated by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).
  • S.2836 – Ortt / A.2229 – Gunther: This bill would limit the length of time that a notice of closure or significant service reduction at state-operated hospitals operated by the Office of Mental Health (OMH) remains in effect.
  • S.3146 – Golden / A.4049 – Lupardo: This bill would require the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) to promulgate regulations relating to workload standards for child protective services (CPS) workers.
  • S.6529 – Murphy / A.8326 – Abbate: This bill would create a performance of duty disability retirement for airport firefighters employed by the Division of Military and Naval Affairs (DMNA) who contract various ailments of the heart, lung or cancer and can no longer perform their duty.
  • A.6903-A – Brindisi / S.4574A – Marchione: This bill would require OCFS to annually report the ratio of non-administrative staff to facility residents. In addition, this report must detail the number of employees who are out of work on workers’ compensation.
  • S.1596-A – LaValle / A.934A – Glick: This bill would clarify that the State University Health Science Centers are included in the SUNY maintenance of effort provision. It would also require the State to pay for all mandatory costs relating to collective bargaining agreements like it does for all other State agencies.
  • S.5661-B – Little / A.7763 – Gottfried: This bill would create a new category of safety-net hospitals to better focus payments on the hospitals that provide indigent care.
  • S.5929-A – Avella / A.7726A – Jaffee: The bill would establish a Child Care Availability Taskforce. This taskforce would evaluate the cost, accessibility, availability, quality, and impact of childcare subsidies.
  • A.8427-A – Morelle / S.6639A – Robach: This bill would require that all contracts over $1 million for construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, maintenance, or improvement of any surface roads or bridges contain a provision that iron and steel be produced or made in the United States.

The Governor has until the end of the day on December 18 to act on these bills.

State of the State

One year after foregoing the traditional “State of the State” address in Albany in favor of a series of regional speeches, Governor Cuomo has announced that he will return to the traditional one-speech format for 2018. The Governor’s address is scheduled for January 3, 2018 at 1:00pm. Governor Cuomo has not yet indicated any policy proposals that will be part of his 2018 agenda.

Federal Update


By a vote of 51-49, the U.S. Senate passed its version of tax reform legislation late last week. Under the Senate’s bill, the richest 1% would get 62% of the tax breaks, while millions of working families would see their taxes go up. The Senate bill would also rollback deductions for state and local taxes and would cause 13 million people to lose their health insurance by eliminating the Affordable Care Act’s “individual mandate”. All Democrats voted against the bill, as did Republican Bob Corker (R-TN).

The Senate and House of Representatives will now attempt to reconcile the differences between their two bills through the conference committee process.

Government Shutdown Temporarily Averted

Congress has passed a short-term spending bill that will keep the federal government funded through December 22. Leaders and the White House now have a few weeks to negotiate a longer-term agreement to fund the government.

Syracuse Basketball – Member Savings Alert!


basketballCSEA is again partnering with the Syracuse University Men’s Basketball program to offer our members special savings on certain home games this season. Members taking advantage of this offer can purchase upper level seats for $5 to $10 off  …more

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Nick LaMorte defends union employees

Once again, Long Island Region President Nick LaMorte was a guest on “Your Island” on 103.9 FM. During his appearance, he was challenged by a caller who had some negative things to say about union employees. Give a listen to find out how LaMorte responded.





The 7th annual SEFA auction

SEFA is holding their 7th annual auction, with all proceeds going to SEFA approved charitable organizations. You’re just one gift basket away from making a difference in someone’s life.


7th Annual SEFA Auction

This Week in Albany

Week ending December 1, 2017

Legislative Update

The Governor signed 43 bills and vetoed 31 this week. Several bills strongly supported by CSEA were among those vetoed.


    • Veto #194: S.4324 – Tedisco / A.5210 – Abinanti: This bill would have required that retirees be given 45 days of notice prior to changes to their health insurance. The Governor also vetoed this bill in 2016. The Governor included this bill in a list of other bills vetoed because of their cost.
    • Veto #195: S.4630 – Gallivan / A.6505 – Kearns: This bill would have prohibited the re-location Western NY Children’s Psych Center. The Governor said that this bill would “have a negative impact on children and families in need of mental health services.”
    • Veto #196: S.5130 – Golden / A.7134 – Abbate: This bill would have allowed any sheriff, undersheriff, deputy sheriff or correction officer employed by Nassau County to be eligible for a performance of duty benefit due to the intentional or reckless act of a civilian visiting an institution under the jurisdiction of such county. The Governor included this bill in a list of other bills vetoed because of their cost.
    • Veto #198: A.7135 – Abbate / S.5704 – Phillips: This bill would have allowed for a performance of duty disability for Nassau County Ambulance Medical Technicians (AMTs). The Governor included this bill in a list of other bills vetoed because of their cost.
    • Veto #199: A.7127 – Abbate / S.5705 – Phillips: This bill would have allowed for a performance of duty disability for Nassau County fire marshals. The Governor included this bill in a list of other bills vetoed because of their cost.
    • Veto #185: A.473 – Paulin / S.2516 – Gallivan: This bill would have allowed for the establishment of an optional disability coverage for county probation officers. Counties would have to opt-in to providing this coverage. The Governor vetoed this bill both because of costs and a belief that benefits like this should be collectively bargained.
    • Veto #191: S.3670 – Golden / A.3332 – Abbate: This bill would have allowed any Tier 6 member who is a uniformed court officer or peace officer employed by the Unified Court System to retire without early age reduction upon attaining 30 year of creditable service and age 55. It would also reduce the normal retirement age from 63 to 62, and lessen the reductions in benefits for those who retire prior to normal retirement age. The Governor included this bill in a list of other bills vetoed because of their cost.
    • Veto #192: S.3671 – Golden / A.3503 – Abbate: This bill would have allowed for the establishment of an accidental disability retirement for uniformed court officers / peace officers within the Unified Court System. The Governor included this bill in a list of other bills vetoed because of their cost.

CSEA will evaluate these bills and veto messages and determine how we can move forward on this legislation next year.

Signed Into Law:

      • Chapter #420: A.7285 – Dinowitz / S.6007 – Ranzenhofer: This bill will require the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to report specific shared services between NYPA, the Canal Corporation, and the Department of Transportation. The 2017-18 State budget expanded such shared services.
      • Chapter #439; Approval #28: S.5811A – Squadron / A.7634A – Rozic: This bill will require a report on alternative work schedules within state agencies.

We expect the majority of the remaining 105 bills that have passed both houses and have not yet been delivered to the Governor to be sent to the Governor’s desk next week. This includes several of CSEA’s priority bills.Updates on CSEA’s priority bills can be found on our website.

Federal Tax Reform

Republican efforts to pass a tax overhaul bill in the U.S. Senate stalled on Thursday as leaders rushed to rewrite parts of the bill to win over the votes needed for passage. The Senate bill would slash corporate taxes, completely eliminate state and local tax deductions (including the property tax deduction), and would add about $1.5 trillion to the deficit over a decade.

Senators are expected to work through the day Friday to get the votes needed for the bill. The House of Representatives has already passed their version of the bill, so the two houses will need to go to conference committees once a Senate bill passes to iron out the differences between the two.

The timeline on this legislation is still uncertain, so stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

State Senate Democrats Talk of Reunification

State Senate Democrats appear to have reached a vague and uncertain agreement with the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) to reunify the two Democratic conferences in the Senate following next year’s special elections.

The “reunification” plan was laid out by the State Democratic Party, which threatened to fully back challengers to the IDC in next year’s Primary elections if the conference did not agree to it.

Under the proposed plan, the IDC and Senate Democrats would work together to win two special elections for vacant Senate seats in 2018. If Democrats win both seats, IDC leader Jeff Klein and Democratic conference leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins would become co-leaders of a new Democratic majority.

The logistics of the arrangement and the reality of it coming to pass are still unclear. Currently, the Senate is made up of 31 Republicans, 21 Democrats, eight members of the IDC, two vacancies, and Brooklyn Senator Simcha Felder, who was elected on both Democratic and Republican lines and conferences with the Republicans. The IDC has formed a majority coalition with Republicans since the conference’s inception in 2011.

Thirty-two votes are needed to pass any legislation in the Senate. If Democrats win the two vacant Senate seats, and can convince Senator Felder to join them, they would have exactly 32 votes.

The reunification proposal adds more uncertainty as Albany gets ready for an Executive Budget proposal that must address a shortfall of up to $4 billion. Governor Cuomo has not yet indicated when he will call for Special Elections to fill vacant legislative seats.

At a Glance

The Senate and Assembly have released the 2018 State Legislative Session Calendar.

The legislature is scheduled to be in session for 60 days between January and June, beginning on January 3.

The 2018 Long Island Region One Workshop

It’s time to register for the 2018 Long Island Region One Workshop. Like all of our region workshops, attendees will be learning important skills that will help them become better leaders and better activists.

R1 workshop 2018