Don’t Get Con Conned!

Avoid the CON!   Well-funded forces are trying to con New Yorkers into believing that the only way to clean up Albany’s politics is by approving a Constitutional Convention on Election Day, November 7th. See chart below for key dates.

Constitutional Convention Chart

A convention creates an opening for radical changes to our state’s constitution.  CSEA members and retirees rely on the state’s constitution to protect our public pensions, our right to organize and to collective bargaining. We can’t allow our futures to be jeopardized.

We need your help to oppose the Constitution Convention (Con Con, for short).

In an effort to reach out to as many members and their families as possible, CSEA Capital Region is hosting a Con Con Contest.  We’ve asked each Local to participate.

Here is our Leader Board to date – will your local end up number 1?!?!

leader board (1)

For more information contact, Bryan Miller