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Central Region Committees

Region Standing Committees:   Audit Joe Thompson, Chair - Nicole Meeks, Advisor The Region Audit Committee reviews the financial transactions ... Continue Reading

Our Central Region Officers

Note: Our current elected officers term began on March 1, 2016. They serve four-year terms. Click on an officer's photo to send her/him an ... Continue Reading


Biography for Region 2 President Lester Crockett

A hard worker since the ripe young age of 10, by the time he was 24, Lester Crockett made enough money to buy his own Mr. Softee Ice Cream truck. But ... Continue Reading

CSEA Statewide Secretary Denise Berkley

Denise Berkley's historic election to the office of Statewide Secretary for CSEA serves as a vivid example of a union member who learned that to make ... Continue Reading

Educational Article Archive

A Foreword from Communications Specialist Mark Kotzin: In my travels throughout our Region, I regularly consult with union editors about what they ... Continue Reading