A Message From Long Island Region President Nick LaMorte

September, 2018

Recommitting and reconnecting

After a very busy summer, fall is here!

The summer was especially busy because of our anticipation of, and the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in, Janus v. AFSCME Council 31.

Some people thought the Janus decision would be a huge blow to our union. I’m happy to report that they are wrong. We are still strong.

For many of our members, the verdict was a battle cry; several people called me to ask how they can get more involved in union activities. It’s also inspired others to become full CSEA members, after being surprised to discover that they were not.

Speaking of which, we’ll be asking that our members reaffirm their commitment to CSEA by re-signing a CSEA recommitment card or membership application.

I know that may seem like an odd request, especially after asking that you sign Never Quit cards, but we believe asking you to recommit would be a more powerful statement. Your union recommitment doesn’t just symbolize your decision to stick with our union, but it also symbolizes our commitment to you and it ensures that you have union protection.

That protection is the only way to protect yourself from the whims of your employer. It provides you with a voice at the bargaining table and increases our strength in numbers, which gives us bargaining power.

The more CSEA members there are, the more of a voice we have on a local and national level.

Without union membership, who will strive to get you more favorable working conditions? Who will help you navigate through the grievance process? Who will provide free-to-members workshop that help hone your professional and union skills? Who will negotiate exclusive discounts to save you money on trips, household items and college tuition?

These are only a few of the many resources that are available to our members.

If you ever wonder what your union does for you, keep some of those questions in mind.

Let’s continue to increase our union’s strength by increasing and solidifying union membership.

Stay union, stay strong and never quit!