A Message From Long Island Region President Nick LaMorte

A lot has happened in the Long Island Region since my last message.

For starters, we held the 44th Annual Region One Workshop, which was a great success.  More than 130 members converged on Mystic, Connecticut for a few of days of inspired and motivating training.

Workshops that covered topics like new member orientation, social media conduct and the duties and responsibilities of officers gave attendees important information that will be useful to them at their respective worksites and at home.

CSEA is also highlighting the importance of New York State’s Move Over Law, which requires drivers to slow down and move over, if they can safely do so, when approaching an emergency or hazard vehicle, including police vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, construction and maintenance vehicles and tow trucks.

This law is not only crucial to motorists, but to all of our members who work on or near roadways.

In fact, CSEA members played an active role in a recent public service announcement produced by the Town of Brookhaven. Our members not only appeared on camera, but they filmed the PSA that is airing on local TV stations. The PSA’s message: move over or get pulled over.

We also conducted a very successful member engagement visit focusing on our Nassau County Municipal Employees Local 882 members.

CSEA member volunteers and staff reached out to members at their homes and worksites over four days to have conversations about the benefits of union membership.

As expected, member feedback was very positive. CSEA members won’t be fooled by corporate interest groups that continuously try to manipulate us into believing unions aren’t necessary; we know better.

Not only does union membership give you a voice at the bargaining table, but without unions there is no bargaining table. We defend all your hard-fought benefits and protect your rights.

In addition, CSEA members enjoy exclusive member-only benefits that save you money, including discount buying programs, supplemental insurance and much more.

CSEA members are union strong, and we play a key role in our communities.

As a former school district support staff member, I realize many school district members work through the summer at cleaning, repairing, scrubbing, building and painting our public schools.  Our clerical members are busy moving and replacing files, as well as creating new files for the students arriving this September. Our support staff turn an abused building into a refurbished, clean and safe one.

Other members in state agencies, cities, towns, villages and special districts are doing and repeating these same tasks! CSEA members make government work! CSEA leaders appreciate all your hard work!

So, while you’re enjoying your summer vacation, remember the reason why you have those days off is because of your union negotiated contract. Remember the reason while you were able to get that discount on your car rental or theme park tickets is because of your union membership.

Enjoy your summer and remember to Stay Union and Stay Strong!