Benefits of a CSEA membership

What benefits do I get from being a CSEA member?

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The range of benefits and services CSEA provides is unmatched by any other union in the House of Labor.For the same amount that agency fee payers are required to pay, CSEA members get so much more. Besides a contract and representation on the job, CSEA members get to have a say at work by voting in union elections and ratifying their contracts. CSEA members also stay informed by getting subscriptions to union newspapers. And as a CSEA member you are also entitled to the most comprehensive package of benefits and programs you can find anywhere  saving you money and helping to make life better, both on and off the job.With CSEA’s member only benefits you can save money on insurance, mortgages, credit cards, major purchases and even legal matters. You also get great deals on vacations, cruises, hotels, rental cars, cellular phone service and more.

What benefits do we get from AFSCME?

CSEA’s affiliation with AFSCME gives us access to the international union’s numerous resources in such fields as research, negotiations, education and training, communications and health and safety. With AFSCME, CSEA has a lobbying voice in Washington and the political clout of being part of a 1.3 million member union.Our affiliation with AFSCME also gives us protection under the AFL-CIO constitution from raids on our membership by other AFL-CIO affiliates. This allows CSEA to devote more time and resources to our members instead of on fending off challenges by other unions for the right to represent our members.
What is AFSCME?
AFSCME is the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. With more than 1.3 million members, AFSCME is the nation’s largest and most powerful public employee union and CSEA is its largest affiliate.

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