BJ’s Wholesale Club membership discount

BJsThis offer will be conducted through Quarterly Open Enrollment Periods on your Member Benefits pages ONLY. BJ’s Membership Applications will be available only during Enrollment Periods on the CSEA website homepage.

  • Save $15 off our $55 Annual Membership Fee; $40 + NYS sales tax (100% money back guarantee).
  • Save $30 off our $110 Annual Rewards Membership Fee; $80 + NYS sales tax (100% money back guarantee).
  • FREE second membership card (for another household member).
  • Receive an additional Bonus Month FREE! (That’s 13 months total.)
  • All first-time members receive a free $50 gift card.
  • All information including the Membership Offer, the instructional flier, and the applications will appear on the Members Benefit site a few days prior to the Open Enrollment and will continue during the promotional period ONLY. CSEA’s/BJ’s Quarterly Enrollment dates will appear continually.
  • The information flier and applications will be set up by CSEA’s regional locations and BJ’s club locations within those regions. This will also include the name and address of the BJ’s Corporate Sales Rep for your specific region/club, which you will need to mail your completed application/payment to.
  • All RENEWALS will have 13 months added onto their BJ’s membership from their current expiration date. This special offer is not available at any BJ’s Club location. gift card is for first-time members only.
  • BJ’s Corporate Sales Reps can only renew members during OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIODS:
  • January 1-14
  • April 1-14
  • July 1-14
  • October 1-14

 →All applications/payments must be mailed to the  BJ’s corporate sales representative only (mailing address will be on the Membership Application).

 →Applications cannot be returned to CSEA HQ’s or handed in at any BJ’s club locations.

→PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY ORDERS!  They cannot be accepted and will be returned.

 For more details on this promotion call the Member Benefits department at 1-800-342-4146 ext. 1359.