Defensive Driving Classes

Save money on your auto insurance, and reduce points on your driving record, when you take defensive driving classes.

NYSP Defensive Driving Schedule-Feb. - June 2019



    Additional Workshop Announcements

    CSEA continues to make as many trainings available to our members as possible. Look out for these upcoming workshops to enhance your unionism skills.

    LGDI-R February 13, 2019-Baldwin-AV

    Steward February 26-27, 2019-East Meadow-SL

    ICL- March 12-13, 2019- Long Beach -PA

      Workshop Announcements

      Properly training our activists is of the utmost importance to CSEA, which is why opportunities for education are plentiful. If you’re seeking to expand on, or refresh, your activism skills, please consider registering for one of the workshops below.

      CN II January 12, 2019-East Meadow-AV

      Steward January 23-24-Brentwood-PA

      Advance Steward February 5, 2019- Medford-PA

      PIN February 6, 2019 Medford- PA

      LGPSG-R February 12, 2019-Merrick-AV

        Upcoming Workshops

        CSEA has just released dates for several workshops. If you would like to be a part of making our union stronger, please consider registering for all that apply to you. Call the Long Island Region office at 631-462-0030 to reserve your seat.

        LGDI January 8-9, 2018-Hicksville-AV

        WPH January 10, 2019-Commack-AV

        SGDI-R January 30, 2019-Commack-NSF[1]

        SGGR January 31, 2019-Commack-NSF



          Treasurer Training

          This could be CSEA Long Island Region treasurers last opportunity to meet the mandatory training requirement, in this election cycle. Don’t miss your opportunity to attend this very important class.

          R1 Treasurer Announcement[2]

            CSEA President Danny Donohue to hold member visits

            If you have ever wanted to voice your union concerns to CSEA’s highest ranking member, now’s the time. CSEA President Danny Donohue will be visiting the Long Island region in order to hear members’ concerns. Call the Long Island Region office at 631-462-0030 to schedule an appointment.

            DD Member Visits-Postcard Alert

              The 2018 Festivals of Light celebration

              Come celebrate the holiday season with your CSEA brothers and sisters at the Long Island Region’s annual Festivals of Light celebration.

              Festivals of Light 2018

                Region One Holiday Party

                Celebrate the holiday season with your CSEA brothers and sisters at the Region One Holiday Party. You must RSVP by Wednesday, November 28, 2018. Directions to the event are below.

                R1Holiday Party 2018_Page_1

                R1Holiday Party 2018_Page_2

                R1Holiday Party 2018_Page_3


                  Suffolk County Retirement Seminar

                  If you’re planning on retiring, soon, it’s time to get your business in order. Join us at the Retirement Seminar where you will hear several speakers, all focused on retirement, that will help you with your planning. Call the Long Island Region office at 631-462-0030 to register.

                  Retirement Flyer 1_12_19[1]

                    Veterans Committee Events

                    The Long Island Region Veterans Committee is continuing their pledge to honor veterans by holding a couple of upcoming events. On November 10, 2018 the committee will be holding their annual Veterans Day Ceremony, in honor of our nation’s heroes. The committee will also be collecting donations for local veterans in need, which will be delivered to local veterans homes on December 15. Contact Maryann Phelps at 516-971-4629 for more information.

                    Vets Day ceremony 2018

                    Vets Committee Holiday drive 2018