Workshop Announcements

There are three workshops now open for registration. These sessions are a great way to hone your activism skills. Call the Long Island Region office at 631-462-0030 to register.


Steward September 12-13, 2018-Long Beach-PA

LGDI October 10-11, 2018- Mineola-NSF[2]

CN I September 26-27, 2018-Medford-ZC

    Seeking a Path to Recovery

    If you, or someone you know, is living with addiction, you are not alone. There are multiple paths to recovery.

    Addiction Multiple Pathways July 2018

      Steward Training

      With the never ending attacks from corporate interests groups against unions, it’s very important that our members become more involved. There’s no better way to continue, or begin, your activist journey than at the Steward Workshop. This two-part workshop is designed for seasoned and new activists that want to strengthen our union. Register by calling the Long Island Region office at 631-462-0030.


      Steward August 22-23, 2018-Medford-PA

        International Day Festival

        Come celebrate CSEA’s diversity at the Long Island Region’s annual International Day Festival. Our region Human Rights Committee has been working hard, for months, preparing for the event. The day will include international food tasting, raffle prizes, games and more! We hope to see you there.

        International Day Flyer 2018[1]

          State Disciplinary Workshop

          Learn how to effectively represent members at the State Government: Representing Members in Discipline and Interrogation Workshop.

          SGDI August 8-9, 2018-Commack-NSF


            Steward Workshop

            Shop stewards are the foundation of CSEA. They are organizers, advocates and educators. If you want to be a part of strengthening our union, become a shop steward.

            Steward July 28, 2018-Port Washington-NY AV

              Retirement Seminar

              If you’re considering retirement, you’ll want to register for this seminar. Representatives will be answering all of your questions to help you prepare for the next phase of your life. Call the Long Island Region office at 631-462-0030 to save your spot.

              Retirement Flyer 9_22_18_001 (002)

                Defensive Driving Classes Are Back

                Reduce points on your driving record and save on your auto insurance when you take this defensive driving class. Call (800) 942-6874 to register.

                NYSP Aug.-Dec


                  New Workshop Announcements

                  Part of being a good activist is being well educated. You can start, or continue, that process by  registering for one of these workshops. Call the Long Island Region office at 631-462-0030 to reserve your seat.

                  LGPSG July 18-19, 2018-Oceanside-ZC


                  Steward July 24-25, 2018-Stony Brook-AV

                    Women’s Committee Fundraiser

                    Have a laugh with the Long Island Region Women’s Committee as they raise money for a serious cause. The committee is holding a comedy night. All proceeds from the event are going to Relay for Life American Cancer Society.

                    Region 1 Relay For Life Flyer[4]