CSEA Poughkeepsie security guards sacrifice for Poughkeepsie students

Workers to staff remaining home games so basketball players don’t miss outCSEA_PoughkeepsieSecurityGuards_2.13.18

 POUGHKEEPSIE – While Poughkeepsie City School District officials have stalled on paying CSEA-represented security guards wages they are owed from working at district basketball games held earlier this season, our union members have generously agreed to work remaining home games without a guarantee as to when they’ll be compensated so Poughkeepsie students and community members don’t miss out on Section 1 playoffs.

“Our members are doing this because they care about these kids,” said CSEA Southern Region President Billy Riccaldo. “This has been an incredible year for Poughkeepsie’s basketball teams and our members don’t want the ineptitude of certain district officials to hurt the teams’ chances of state championships. Our CSEA members here in the Poughkeepsie City School District are making this sacrifice because their hearts are with the students.”

Each year, CSEA members employed as district security guards supervise home basketball games. Wages for working those games has been paid to employees in their regular paychecks, not at the end of the end of the basketball season. Despite a district official’s comment to local media stating that CSEA had agreed for security guards to receive payment in full at the end of the season, there has been no such agreement.

While the security guards have volunteered to work at the remaining basketball games, CSEA will be proceeding with a complaint on our members’ behalf to the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division.

“What has happened here is clear wage theft,” Riccaldo said. “Many of our security guards have not been paid for their work at basketball games since the end of November. These are people who, just like the rest of us, have bills to pay and families to support. Even if the district failed in properly handling security assignments, our members are still owed the money they earned. Any district official who continues to refuse to pay our members the wages they are owed should be held accountable.”

CSEA is negotiating an agreement with the district for future work at athletic events and demanding that members be paid all wages owed to them.

“This injustice is a reminder of why belonging to the union is so important,” said CSEA Dutchess Education Local President Scott Rajczi. “Being part of a union gives workers the freedom to speak up on the job, which is what our members have done so courageously. They should be proud of themselves for doing the right thing for the students even when the district has failed to do the same. Our CSEA members aren’t just the backbone of the Poughkeepsie schools, they’re also the heart.”


    Spring Conference materials available

    Registration materials are now available for the Southern Region Spring Conference, scheduled to be held April 13-15, 2018 at Turning Stone Resort in Verona, NY. Click here to download and print materials.

    This conference is another opportunity for CSEA officers to complete required training. President and Vice President Training, Secretary Training, and Treasurer Training will all be offered.

    We’ll also have some new workshops with timely topics, including Garage Hazards, Negotiations Training, and Getting Organized to Fight Back in a Post-Janus World.

    If you plan to attend, please enroll ASAP as this conference is expected to fill to capacity.

      Rally for workers’ rights in NYC on Feb. 24

      The Janus v. AFSCME case will soon be heard before the U.S. Supreme Court. The ruling in this case, expected later this year, is predicted to have an immediate impact on us as unionists.

      Please join us in New York City on Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018 for a rally in Foley Square. We’ll gather with other brothers and sisters from other unions, as well as CSEA activists from other regions across the state. This is an important show of solidarity in the face of unrelenting attacks on labor.

      We have a bus traveling to the rally from the Southern Region, which will pick up CSEA passengers in Pomona at 9 a.m. and White Plains at 9:20 a.m. before heading to New York City. The bus will depart Foley Square at 4 p.m. for the return trip. A second bus traveling from Albany will make a stop at the Newburgh Mall. That bus is scheduled to pick up members in Newburgh at 9 a.m and depart Foley Square at 3 p.m.

      Download printable fliers here for the Pomona and White Plains bus and for the Newburgh bus.

      For more info or to sign up, call Political Action Coordinator Chris Ludlow at (845) 831-1000.

        Join our CSEA team for the Special Olympics Polar Plunge!

        Polar_BearWe’ll be Freezin’ for a Reason on Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. when the CSEA Southern Region participates in the Fishkill Polar Plunge, a fundraiser for Special Olympics New York.

        The Fishkill Polar Plunge has become an annual tradition here in the Southern Region. There are many ways in which our members, family and friends can help raise funds to sponsor athletic events for individuals with disabilities:

        • JOIN OUR TEAM! Take the plunge with fellow CSEA members and friends. You can sign up by clicking on our team page at https://tinyurl.com/CSEAPlunge2018 and clicking “JOIN TEAM.” Participants are asked to raise a minimum of $100 in order to take the plunge. Those reaching the $100 minimum will receive a free Polar Plunge hooded sweatshirt. If you’d like to be on the team but aren’t up to jumping, there is a “too chicken to jump” option. In addition to online donations, you can download and print this pledge sheet to log cash and check donations that are turned in on the day of the plunge.
        • MAKE A DONATION! Every single dollar collected for Special Olympics will help make a difference in the lives of these athletes. Donations are tax-deductible and can most easily be made online by clicking on our team page. Those wishing to donate via check should make the check payable to Special Olympics (with CSEA Southern Region on the memo line) and mail it to Special Olympics New York, 1207 Route 9, Suite 1C, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590.
        • SPREAD THE WORD! Word of mouth marketing is our greatest tool! Please spread the word with your fellow CSEA members, family and friends. You can post this web posting or our team page on your social media accounts. You can also help by posting printed materials on your union bulletin boards. Print this flyer to post on your union bulletin boards and promote the Fishkill Polar Plunge. For those needing additional information, we also have this list of Frequently Asked Questions available for printing. We also have these printable mini-flyers, perfect for personalizing and handing out to your fellow CSEA members!

        Here in the Southern Region, CSEA members have raised tens of thousands of dollars to help Special Olympians in the Hudson Valley. Let’s keep that momentum going. No donation is too small!

        Anyone with questions regarding the Fishkill Polar Plunge should contact Jessica Ladlee at the Southern Region Office at 845.831.1000, ext. 2084.

          State Gov’t Discipline and Interrogation Workshop scheduled

          CSEA has scheduled a State Government Discipline and Interrogation Workshop to be held at the Southern Region Office, 568 State Route 52, Beacon, on Feb. 12 and 13, 2018. The labor education specialist assigned to this class is Amy Vitacco.

          The workshop is open to state locals from throughout the Southern Region. As the class has a maximum registration of 40. we encourage signing up as soon as possible if you would like to attend. You may register by calling the Southern Region Office at (845) 831-1000.

          The class begins both evenings at 6 p.m., with registration and a light dinner beginning at 5:30 p.m.

            Veterans Committee donates to elderly vets at state home in Montrose

            The State Veterans Home at Montrose, where CSEA members are part of a team providing exceptional care to veterans and their family members, has a brand new 49-inch flat screen television and DVD player for residents to enjoy.

            Ed Timberger presents a brand new flat screen television on behalf of the Southern Region Veterans Committee.

            Ed Timberger presents a brand new flat screen television on behalf of the Southern Region Veterans Committee.

            That is thanks to the Southern Region Veterans Committee, whose chair, Ed Timberger, delivered the donations (along with several movies on DVD) to the facility on Veterans Day. The donation came after a Veterans Day ceremony at the Southern Region Office in Beacon.

            Timberger said it was an honor to visit the state veterans home and meet fellow veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country. CSEA members provide quality care there, including working as nursing assistants, custodial and maintenance workers, doing clerical work, and assisting with recreation.



              Election results for Southern Region endorsed candidates

              CSEA-endorsed candidates won elected posts throughout the Southern Region on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Their victories are due in part to the dedicated CSEA member volunteers working on endorsement interviews, phone banking and labor walks.

              Here are our 2017 results:

              JURISDICTION POSITION 2017 PAC Endorsement RESULTS
              Dutchess County Comptroller Jim Coughlan Lost
              Dutchess County – Dist. 5 Legislator Pamela Kingsley Lost
              Dutchess County – Dist. 6 Legislator Rebecca Edwards Won
              Dutchess County – Dist. 11 Legislator Joel Tyner Won
              Dutchess County – Dist. 12 Legislator Laurette Giardino Lost
              Dutchess County – Dist. 16 Legislator John Forman Lost
              Dutchess County – Dist. 18 Legislator Jerry Landisi Lost
              Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus Won
              Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler Won
              Orange County Clerk Deborah Mulqueen Lost
              Orange County – Dist. 3 Legislator Patricia McMillan Lost
              Orange County – Dist. 4 Legislator Anthony Tarsio Lost
              Orange County – Dist. 5 Legislator Stephen Hunter Lost
              Orange County – Dist. 7 Legislator Myrna Kemnitz Lost
              Orange County – Dist. 11 Legislator Janette McKay Lost
              Orange County – Dist. 12 Legislator Kevin Hines Won
              Orange County – Dist. 14 Legislator Laurie Tautel Won
              Orange County – Dist. 15 Legislator Sylvia Santiago Lost
              Orange County – Dist. 17 Legislator Mike Anagnostakis Won
              Orange County – Dist. 18 Legislator Roseanne Sullivan Lost
              Orange County – Dist. 19 Legislator Michael Paduch Won
              Orange County – Dist. 21 Legislator James O’Donnell Won
              Middletown Council – Ward 2 Andrew Green Won
              Middletown Council – Ward 4 Sparrow Tobin Won
              Montgomery Town Supervisor Rod Winchell Won
              Rockland County Executive Maureen Porette Lost
              Rockland County Clerk Paul Piperato Won
              Clarkstown Town Supervisor Michael Sullivan Lost
              Clarkstown Town Clerk Justin Sweet Won
              Clarkstown Highway Superintendent Frank DiZenzo Won
              Clarkstown Town Board – Ward 1 Frank Borelli Won
              Clarkstown Town Board – Ward 2 Daniel Caprara Won
              Clarkstown Town Board – Ward 3 Donald Franchino Won
              Clarkstown Town Board – Ward 4 Patrick Carroll Won
              Orangtown Town Supervisor Thom Kleiner Lost
              Orangtown Town Board Dennis Troy Won
              Orangtown Town Board Tom Diviny Won
              Ramapo Town Supervisor Michael Specht Won
              Ramapo Highway Superintendent Fred Brinn Won
              Ramapo Town Council Yitzchok Ullman Won
              Ramapo Town Council David Wanounou Won
              Spring Valley Mayor Alan Simon Won
              Sullivan County Treasurer Nancy Buck Won
              Sullivan County District Attorney Jim Farrell Won
              Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Schiff Won
              Kingston Council – Ward 5 Teryl Mickens Lost
              Kingston Council – Ward 7 Patrick O’Reilly Lost
              Kingston Council – Ward 8 James Rodden Lost
              Kingston Council – Ward 9 Deb Brown Lost
              Lloyd Town Supervisor Paul Hansut Won
              Westchester County Executive George Latimer Won
              Westchester County – Dist. 1 Legislator Nancy Vann Lost
              Westchester County – Dist. 2 Legislator Kitley Covill Won
              Westchester County – Dist. 3 Legislator Daren Tolz Lost
              Westchester County – Dist. 5 Legislator Ben Boykin Won
              Westchester County – Dist. 6 Legislator Nancy Barr Won
              Westchester County – Dist. 7 Legislator Catherine Parker Won
              Westchester County – Dist. 8 Legislator Alfreda Williams Won
              Westchester County – Dist. 9 Legislator Catherine Borgia Won
              Westchester County – Dist. 12 Legislator Mary Jane Shimsky Won
              Westchester County – Dist. 13 Legislator London Williams Won
              Westchester County – Dist. 14 Legislator Gwen Dean Lost
              Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader Won
              Yonkers City Council Ward 6 Anthony Pagano Lost
              Yonkers City Council – Ward 2 Corazon Pineda Won
              Yonkers City Council – Ward 4 Maeve Scott Lost
              Yonkers Highway Superintendent Dave Paganelli Won


                Discounts available for Disney on Ice

                Anna, Elsa and their friends from Disney on Ice will be headed soon to Bridgeport, Conn., and CSEA members have been invited to take advantage of group pricing for tickets. Use the graphic below to take advantage of the discount ticket offer or download a printable copy here to hang on your union bulletin boards.


                  Southern Region endorsements for November election

                  The Southern Region Political Action Committee has endorsed the following candidates in the Nov. 7, 2017 election:


                  Jim Coughlan – Dutchess County Comptroller

                  Pamela Kingsley – Dutchess County Legislature, District 5

                  Rebecca Edwards – Dutchess County Legislature, District 6

                  Joel Tyner – Dutchess County Legislature, District 11

                  Laurette Giardino – Dutchess County Legislature, District 12

                  John Forman – Dutchess County Legislature, District 16

                  Jerry Landisi – Dutchess County Legislature, District 18



                  Steve Neuhaus – Orange County Executive

                  David Hoovler – Orange County District Attorney

                  Deborah Mulqueen – Orange County Clerk

                  Patricia McMillan – Orange County Legislature, District 3

                  Anthony Tarsio – Orange County Legislature, District 4

                  Stephen Hunter – Orange County Legislature, District 5

                  Myrna Kemnitz – Orange County Legislature, District 7

                  Janette McKay – Orange County Legislature, District 11

                  Kevin Hines – Orange County Legislature, District 12

                  Laurie Tautel – Orange County Legislature, District 14

                  Sylvia Santiago – Orange County Legislature, District 15

                  Mike Anagnostakis – Orange County Legislature, District 17

                  Roseanne Sullivan – Orange County Legislature, District 18

                  Michael Paduch – Orange County Legislature, District 19

                  James O’Donnell – Orange County Legislature, District 21

                  Andrew Green – Middletown Common Council, Ward 2

                  Sparrow Tobin – Middletown Common Council, Ward 4

                  Rod Winchell – Montgomery Town Supervisor

                  Tara Stickles – Montgomery Town Clerk

                  Susan Cockburn – Montgomery Town Board

                  David Stoudnour – Montgomery Town Board



                  Anthony Williams – Putnam County Legislature, District 2

                  Toni Addonizio – Putnam County Legislature, District 3



                  Maureen Porette – Rockland County Executive

                  Paul Piperato – Rockland County Clerk

                  Michael Sullivan – Clarkstown Town Supervisor

                  Justin Sweet – Clarkstown Town Clerk

                  Frank DiZenzo – Clarkstown Highway Superintendent

                  Frank Borelli – Clarkstown Town Board, Ward 1

                  Daniel Caprara – Clarkstown Town Board, Ward 2

                  Donald Franchino – Clarkstown Town Board, Ward 3

                  Patrick Carroll – Clarkstown Town Board, Ward 4

                  Thom Kleiner – Orangtown Town Supervisor

                  Dennis Troy – Orangetown Town Board

                  Tom Diviny – Orangetown Town Board

                  Michael Specht – Ramapo Town Supervisor

                  Yitzchok Ullman – Ramapo Town Council

                  David Wanounou – Ramapo Town Council

                  Fred Brinn – Ramapo Highway Superintendent

                  Alan Simon – Spring Valley Mayor

                  Mark Gomes – Suffern Village Council

                  Peter Bellin – Suffern Village Council



                  Nancy Buck – Sullivan County Treasurer

                  Jim Farrell – Sullivan County District Attorney

                  Michael Schiff – Sullivan County Sheriff



                  Teryl Mickens – Kingston Common Council, Ward 5

                  Patrick O’Reilly – Kingston Common Council, Ward 7

                  James Rodden – Kingston Common Council, Ward 8

                  Deb Brown – Kingston Common Council, Ward 9

                  Paul Hansut – Lloyd Town Supervisor



                  George Latimer – Westchester County Executive

                  Tim Idoni – Westchester County Clerk

                  Nancy Vann – Westchester County Legislature, District 1

                  Kitley Covill – Westchester County Legislature, District 2

                  Daren Tolz – Westchester County Legislature, District 3

                  Ben Boykin – Westchester County Legislature, District 5

                  Nancy Barr – Westchester County Legislature, District 6

                  Catherine Parker – Westchester County Legislature, District 7

                  Alfreda Williams – Westchester County Legislature, District 8

                  Catherine Borgia – Westchester County Legislature, District 9

                  Damon Maher – Westchester County Legislature, District 10

                  Mary Jane Shimsky – Westchester County Legislature, District 12

                  London Williams – Westchester County Legislature, District 13

                  Gwen Dean – Westchester County Legislature, District 14

                  Ruth Walters – Westchester County Legislature, District 15

                  Mike Khader – Yonkers City Council President

                  Anthony Pagano – Yonkers City Council, Ward 6

                  Corazon Pineda – Yonkers City Council, Ward 2

                  Maeve Scott – Yonkers City Council, Ward 4

                  Dave Pagnelli – Yorktown Highway Superintendent

                    CSEA endorses Latimer in Westchester County Executive race


                    Announcing CSEA’s Westchester County Executive endorsement on Aug. 24, 2017 were, from left: Westchester County Local 860 President John Staino, Westchester County Unit 9200 President Karen Pecora, state Sen. George Latimer (the endorsed candidate), and Southern Region President Billy Riccaldo.

                    For immediate release: August 24, 2017

                    CSEA endorses Latimer in Westchester County Executive race

                    WHITE PLAINS – CSEA union members from Westchester County and the Hudson Valley today gathered outside the Michaelian Office Building as union leaders announced the CSEA Southern Region Political Action Committee’s endorsement of state Sen. George Latimer in the race for Westchester County executive.

                    Surrounded by CSEA-represented county workers who gave up their lunch breaks to attend the endorsement announcement, CSEA Southern Region President Billy Riccaldo cited Latimer’s experience in local, county and state government as one of many reasons for the union’s endorsement.

                    “George Latimer is a proven leader who will unite Westchester County and bring common sense and compassion back to the office of county executive,” said Riccaldo, the CSEA regional president overseeing the union’s members in the Hudson Valley and Westchester. “The current administration’s polarizing approach to governing has created strife and division while failing to make the necessary investments in essential services that will ensure a strong future for Westchester County.”

                    “”I’m honored to receive the support of the hard working men and women of CSEA,” said Latimer. “We forged a strong working relationship when I was Chairman of the County Board, and we will work together closely again as county executive to raise the respect and appreciation of this workforce so that we can best serve the people of Westchester”.

                    CSEA Westchester County Local 860 President John Staino, whose local represents over 11,000 union members across the county, noted that Latimer’s track record of public service leaves him ready to hit the ground running on day one of his administration.

                    “George Latimer has excelled in public service since his days on the Rye City Council,” Staino said. “During his time on the Board of Legislators, he showed his ability to work collaboratively in carrying out the business of the county.  George has always been accessible to all of his constituents, not just catering to a select few. We look forward to moving the county forward under his leadership. The current administration has relied on one-shots and budget gimmicks to fulfill campaign promises while neglecting the necessary investments to replace or preserve aging infrastructure.”

                    CSEA Westchester County Unit 9200 President Karen Pecora, president for the CSEA county workforce, said the current administration’s underfunding of critical services has been an ongoing concern she and her members share.

                    “George Latimer has always recognized our county workforce as hardworking Westchester County taxpayers who take pride in providing essential services,” said Pecora. “What the average resident might not realize is that because of cuts, we no longer have the number of engineering staff needed in our Department of Public Works to do the work needed to prepare for repairs and renovations. Due to cuts, we no longer have enough staff in our county labs to process evidence in a timely manner and conduct important environmental testing. This pattern of layoffs and failure to replace retirees cannot continue. I’m confident that with George Latimer at the helm, we can finally address these very serious shortages that are quietly jeopardizing our residents’ safety and health.”

                    CSEA is Westchester County’s largest union, representing workers in state, county, local government, school districts, and the private sector. The union also represents licensed home childcare providers across the county. CSEA, with a membership nearly 300,000 strong, is Local 1000 of AFSCME (the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees), which in turn is one of the largest affiliates of the AFL-CIO.