Computer Operator / Support Specialist

CSEA is seeking resumes for a Computer Operator/Support Specialist to join our IT Department at CSEA Headquarters in Downtown Albany, NY. Responsibilities include monitoring and controlling the operation of electronic data processing equipment in accordance with established procedures. This includes proper operating and functioning of personal computers, tablets, peripheral equipment such as disk and tape drives, printers, computer control consoles/monitors, and remote job entry terminals connected to other computers by telecommunications lines, fiber optic and a virtual desktop environment.
The salary is $45,770 with excellent benefits.



Minimum Qualifications include an Associate Degree from a recognized institution with specialization in data processing and computer science AND at least 1 year work experience in a small to mid-sized computer operations area (with mainframe computers, personal computers, printing operations) which includes experience with different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, OpenVMS, etc. and familiarity with different browsers OR a satisfactory combination of the foregoing education and experience as determined by CSEA.

Email or send resume to Director of Human Resources, PO Box 7125, Capitol Station, Albany, NY 12224.