Contract Administration

State Employee1Whether it’s at the state capital in Albany, New York City, Buffalo, Syracuse, Long Island or the Hudson Valley, CSEA members literally keep New York state running every day.
Health care workers provide direct, quality care to people with developmental disabilities, people with mental illnesses and people with nowhere else to get quality health care; transportation workers plow our highways and repair our roads to ensure we travel safely; clerical workers keep oState Employee2ur public offices running smoothly; court workers help keep our courts safe. These are just a few of the examples of how thousands of CSEA members working for New York state touch our lives every day.
State employees cemented the foundation of our union when a group of state workers formed the Association of State Civil Service Employees on Oct. 24, 1910. More than 100 years later, the Civil Service Employees Association (as the association was renamed in 1946) also serves local government, school district and private sector employees, and is one of the largest, most influential unions in the United States.

New! End of contract language for NYS-Balance:
The contract for the NYS-Balance resource and referral service, jointly funded by the State and the unions, expires on Dec. 31, 2015. If you need information or assistance related to resources and referrals, please contact the NYS Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at (800) 822-0244 (24/7) or You will be connected with an EAP coordinator who will be able to provide you with customized resources and referrals for a wide range of issues including work, family, daily life, finances, health and well-being, mental health, addiction, and stress. A list of EAP coordinators is available at

Effective Thursday May 7th there will be a title structure change for several titles affecting over 10,000 represented CSEA State Executive Branch Employees.
A title Structure change is a change of the title of a position. This change may be due to the elimination of a clumsy or outdated title. It may also occur due to the consolidation of similar titles into a new broader title.
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If you have a question regarding your contract or a work related issue, please contact your local representatives as your first resort.  If you are unable to contact your local representatives, please contact the Contract Administration Department.

New! Any member contacted for any reason by the newly formed Justice Center should immediately notify their local president. CSEA and your local are committed to protecting your employment rights.