Child Protective Services Legislation Co-Sponsors

Below are the current co-sponsors of the Child Protective Services Caseload Legislation. If you do not see your Assemblymember and Senator, please contact them at 1 (877) 255-9417 and ask them to become co-sponsors. If you do not know who your legislators are, you can look them up

Name (Assembly / Senate District #)

CSEA Region 1

State Assembly:

Joseph DeStefano (AD 3)

Kimberly Jean-Pierre (AD 11)

Anthony D’Urso (AD 16)


CSEA Region 2

Vivian Cook (AD 32)

Catalina Cruz (AD 39)

William Colton (AD 47)

Felix Ortiz (AD 51)

Charles Barron (AD 60)

Charles Fall (AD 61)

Deborah Glick (AD 66)

Inez Dickens (AD 70)

Carmen De La Rosa (AD 72)

Jose Rivera (AD 78)

Michael Blake (AD 79)

Carmen Arroyo (AD 84)

Victor Pichardo (AD 86)

Karines Reyes (AD 87)


State Senate:

Velmanette Montgomery


CSEA Region 3

Ellen Jaffee (AD 97)

Colin Schmitt (AD 99)


CSEA Region 5

Clifford Crouch (AD 122)

Barbara Lifton (AD 125)


CSEA Region 6

Patrick Burke (AD 142)

You can Look up your Senator and Assemblymember and ask them to co-sponsor A. 7581 / S. 5809

*Co-Sponsors last edited on 10/8/2019