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A Message from CSEA President Mary E. Sullivan

 Every day, CSEA members like you get the job done to provide services in every community in New York. To acknowledge union members for the hard work they do, CSEA is once again designating May as Member Appreciation Month.

 To recognize the hard work that you do, CSEA regions will again distribute lawn signs to publicly thank you for getting the job done. Each region will also hold or sponsor special member events throughout the month.

New Yorkers across the state rely on you and you deliver every time! Whether you work for the state, local government, school district or in the private sector, your work is important. Also, whether you are performing everyday tasks or responding to a crisis, you are there for each other and your communities.

You have my respect and gratitude for everything you do to get the job done every day!

CSEA members get the job done all year long! A month of appreciation doesn’t quite seem like enough to adequately express my gratitude for your commitment and dedication.

Please watch this fun and creative video, which I think highlights the variety of the work CSEA members do on behalf of all New Yorkers. Enjoy and share it with your fellow CSEA members, friends and families.

Mary E. Sullivan, CSEA President

May is CSEA Member Appreciation Month to publicly recognize members throughout the state for their outstanding service to our communities.

All CSEA members, whether they work for the state, a local government, school district or in the private sector, show up every day and get the job done to provide services for communities across New York.