CSEA Statewide Treasurer Bill Walsh

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Elected as CSEA’s Statewide Treasurer in March 2016, Walsh brings an activist voice and long history of engaging members to his new office.

“Our union works best when all of our members amplify their voices and stand up for what’s right and just,” Walsh said. “Alone, we can only do so much, but together, we can really make meaningful change that helps us all.”

Within months of being honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force following a four-year tour of duty, Walsh became a CSEA member when he was hired as a blue-collar laborer at the Town of Brookhaven in Suffolk County.

In 1982, he became a CSEA activist in his Town of Brookhaven Blue Collar Unit, immediately engaging his union brothers and sisters into our union by showing them what our union stands for and the value of our services for members.

In 1989, Walsh was elected president of the Town of Brookhaven Blue Collar Unit, serving in that office for 26 years. During his tenure, Walsh led the unit’s negotiating team to a first-ever, 10-year contract with a groundbreaking, eight-year extension to this contract.

Walsh was also elected as an officer of CSEA’s Suffolk County Local in 1989. In 2005, he became Local President and served in that office until his election as Statewide Treasurer. As a Local President, Walsh served as a mentor and support system for members in the more than 40 units within the local. He has also served as a Long Island Region vice president.

“Our members are the union,” Walsh said. “I strongly believe in helping our CSEA brothers and sisters become the best activists they can be so that they can form the future of our union.”

In addition to serving in leadership positions, Walsh has served on numerous CSEA statewide and Long Island Region committees, including chairing the union’s Statewide Legislative and Political Action Committee, serving on the CSEA Statewide Election Committee and Long Island Region Legislative and Political Action Committee.

As Statewide Treasurer, Walsh’s duties also include serving as officer liaison to CSEA’s Statewide Human Rights, Membership and Veterans committees.

In 1991, Walsh was honored to receive the CSEA Local Government Mission Achievement Award. He was also a graduate of the second CSEA Leadership Education And Development (LEAD) program in 2006.

“I’m really proud that I had the opportunity to be part of the LEAD program, which made a big difference in developing my own union skills so I can help others,” he said.

Walsh was born and raised in South Troy and graduated in 1976 from Troy High School. He served from 1977-1981 in the U.S. Air Force with an honorable discharge.

He has made his home on Long Island for the past 36 years with his wife Kathleen. They have three grown sons and one new grandson.