CSEA taps Harry Bronson as a champion for working people


CSEA endorses Harry Bronson for NYS Assembly 138AD in a primary election slated for September 13. Photo & story by Ove Overmyer, CSEA ©2016

Rochester– Harry Bronson’s passion for social justice, equality and fairness has defined his public service, legal and business careers for almost his entire adult life. He says it’s been a real privilege and honor to serve local citizens since he first got elected to public office over a decade ago. With no second thoughts, CSEA enthusiastically endorses the 2016 re-election campaign of Harry Bronson for NYS Assembly 138AD (Rochester, Henrietta, Chili).

Service to community was instilled in Harry at a very early age. One of 12 children, Harry says he knows what it is like for working families to make sacrifices because he came from very humble beginnings. He also understands that working together is how a family and strong communities can grow.

After earning his undergraduate degree in Public Justice at SUNY Oswego, Harry went on to the University of Buffalo, where he earned his Juris Doctor. He is a former partner at the firm of Blitman and King, where he focused on anti-discrimination employment law, labor issues, employee benefits and litigation. Harry has also practiced law in the areas of commercial development, industrial revenue bonds and other complex business transactions. As a recognized authority throughout New York State, Harry is often a guest lecturer and keynote speaker on the topics of employment law and public justice issues.

Bess Watts, CSEA Monroe County Local President says you couldn’t ask for a better partner in government. “All public officials should strive to be as hard working, talented, diplomatic and dedicated as Harry Bronson. He understands exactly what his constituents need—and we should know. CSEA has thousands of members who live in his district. They tell me how results driven he is—and I know firsthand by personally working with him on several public policy initiatives. He has proven himself to be a problem solver unlike others who attempt to unseat him.”

Bronson says that he is very honored and privileged to have served in the NYS Assembly for the past six years, and wants to continue to build on what he has accomplished. In our CSEA candidate endorsement interviews, he stressed the importance of working across party lines to achieve the best possible results for our community— he said it’s the only path to create real progress. “It’s something I have always done throughout my career in public service, and it’s something I will continue to do,” said Bronson.

“I can’t continue to serve my community if residents don’t actively take a role in the process,” he added. “And, if you don’t vote, you will lose your voice. It’s time to start investing in the long-term viability of our local communities so that we can ensure a secure future for our families both now and for generations to come. Voter participation is a critical element to that equation. I need you to get out and vote.”

Bronson reports that the lack of job opportunities and inability to prepare our youth for successful careers has persisted for decades and our working families have paid the price. He calls this one of our biggest challenges that we face as a state and nation. Bronson has made job creation and economic development plus improving educational outcomes for our youth three of his top priorities entering the new legislative session beginning January 2017.

CATlogoround1Bronson also stepped up to the plate and visited with picketing union members at a rally outside the Monroe County Office Building on August 9. He looked Monroe County workers in the eye, shook their hands and told them, “You are not alone in this fight. Your fight for a fair contract is everyone’s fight. I have your back.”

Bronson admits there are many talented people in our community doing great work and yes, we have made some progress in the past couple years. He says, “However, we need to do better to improve educational outcomes for our youth and provide more job opportunities for people who want to work.”

To highlight that point, Bronson mentioned that he was instrumental in securing funding for both RIT and the University of Rochester to help them create new advanced manufacturing opportunities to spur local economic growth. “Both of these local universities are critical partners to government when it comes to quality of life issues. We need strong, proven representation in Albany to continue our collaboration to create jobs and grow our economy.”

Asked what he would like to convey to working families of his district, Bronson said, “I am taking nothing for granted. I am working very hard to keep my seat. I would like all voters to know that this is a critical election for our community and our state. I am asking you to stand with me and fight for a better future for all our families.”

Bronson’s major endorsements include almost every elected official in Monroe County, the Monroe County Democratic Party Committee plus almost every labor and civil rights organization in the State of New York. Bronson is being challenged in a Democratic primary vote on September 13.

To read a media release on the Bronson endorsement, you can go here.

-Ove Overmyer