Help Us Maintain Your EBF Records

CSEA_EBF_Logo_BlackIn October, the CSEA Employee Benefit Fund (EBF) sent every enrollee a letter indicating each eligible dependent on file.
Please take note of this information and respond if necessary. Updating your records ensures you and your dependents are receiving the benefits to which you are entitled.

Prevent Issues with Claim Payments and Eligibility
Many issues arise when there is inaccurate dependent information on file. It is very important you notify the EBF with any changes to your family such as marriage, legal separation or divorce or the birth of a child.
Since the EBF does not receive information from your health insurance carrier, providing these updates to both companies is essential. Failure to do so could result in claim payments for an individual after they are no longer eligible. If this were to occur, the member would be put into collections and held responsible for satisfying those debts before future claims can be paid.

Notify EBF of Full Time Student Status Annually

Dependent children are eligible for coverage until age 19. Coverage may continue to age 25 if your dependent is a full-time student. To qualify for continued coverage, the dependent must be enrolled for at least 12 undergraduate or six graduate credit hours in an accredited college or university.
Members must submit the Dependent Student Certification Form annually. EBF makes every effort to ensure all eligible dependents receive this form. If for some reason your dependent meets the criteria above and did not receive a form, it is your responsibility to obtain one, complete the form and send it back to EBF. Members must also notify EBF immediately if your dependent no longer meets full-time student status.

Let us Know of Legal Separation or Divorce
A member may choose to remove a spouse upon legal separation if appropriate paperwork is submitted. If you are divorced, your spouse is no longer eligible for benefits. You must remove your ineligible spouse from both EBF and your health insurance carrier separately.

Submit Online, Download Forms or Call
Many members are finding it convenient to update their records on our website at using our Enroll Online feature. On our website, you can visit our Download Forms link to access all EBF forms. You may also request a form to be mailed to you by calling EBF at (800) 323-2732. Please note that in some circumstances, additional information may be requested from you.