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News of state prison closures disturbing for workers, communities
   Photo by Therese Assalian
Sweet donations kick off ‘season of giving’
ALBANY — New York State recently announced six correctional facilities will close by March 10, 2022.
The six facilities slated for closure are Downstate Correctional, Moriah Shock Incarceration Correctional Facility, Ogdensburg Correctional Facility, Rochester Correctional Facility, Southport Correctional Facility and Willard Drug Treatment Center.
CSEA represents thousands of civilian support workers in the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS). Our union strongly opposed the proposal contained in the 2021-22 state budget to allow for the closure of DOCCS facilities with only 90-days’ notice. The state has assured CSEA that no layoffs are planned as a result of these latest closures, and we will hold them to that commitment.
The union has joined community leaders and some elected officials in voicing concerns about the impact
the closures will have on workers, public safety and the communities where these facilities are located.
In a news release, CSEA President Mary E. Sullivan said the union will be watching to ensure workers, communities, and public safety are not harmed over the closures.
“These facilities not only continue to keep our communities safer, but provide good-paying jobs in their communities as a vital economic engine,” Sullivan said. “The state has an obligation to ensure that these workers remain employed, and that the communities they are in not suffer as a result of these closures.”
About 200 CSEA members
are expected to be affected by the closures. CSEA is working to minimize any disruption to them and their families from accepting reassignments to other facilities.
— Mark M. Kotzin
The ‘season of giving’ is underway for CSEA Capital Region members.
Capital Region President Ron Briggs, along with Rensselaer County Local members, City of Troy Unit members and our union’s Capital Region staff, recently delivered to the Oakwood Community Center donations of cash, cake mix and frosting that became part of a package of Thanksgiving sides that the center distributed to 120 Troy families in need. Key to coordinating the donation efforts was Rensselaer County Local President Marnie Rounds, who was pleased with the generous response from her union brothers and sisters.
“It’s really such a good feeling to give back,” said Rounds, also a City of Troy Unit member. “Our unit has a good contract, we just got our retro checks and we are working through this pandemic while many others have faced layoffs. I am really grateful for our union.”
In the photo, from left, are City of Troy Unit President Bill Wangler, City of Troy Unit Secretary David Badgley, CSEA Capital Region President Ron Briggs, City of Troy Unit member Denee Zeigler, Rensselaer County Local President Marnie Rounds and Rensselaer County Local Secretary and City of Troy Unit Treasurer Adrienne Waugh.
— Therese Assalian
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