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 1 in 4 workers will become disabled during their career*
      Let’s Talk Disability
Protection for You and Your Family
Q: As a New York public sector employee, don’t I already have Disability Insurance through my employer?
A: Most CSEA members do NOT.
While you may be offered Disability Insurance you can pay for through your employer, very few of us have automatic coverage for disabilities occuring outside of work.
And, according to the Social Security Administration, Social Security Disability Insurance can be difficult to qualify for. The average monthly benefit from SSDI is $1,165, barely enough to keep a beneficiary above the poverty level.*
Q: What is Disability Insurance?
A: Think of it as paycheck protection for you and your loved ones... for when you can’t work due to illness or accidents.
CSEA knows the work you do is so vital – in both supporting your communities and supporting your loved ones. Who can you rely on if you become ill or injured, and have to worry about how your bills will get paid?
That’s why it’s so important you consider Disability Insurance, before a disability strikes. It helps make sure that if you can’t work due to illness or injury, you will continue to receive cash payments to help pay bills.
 Learn more today at! Or, speak with your CSEA disability insurance rep at 877-847-2732
*US Social Security Administration, The Faces and Facts of Disability, 2015
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