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Settlement brings justice to members
 UNIONDALE — Our Nassau County Local members recently experienced justice when the local won a five- year battle to get workers retroactive pay after the county illegally subcontracted union jobs.
Our Nassau County Local recently finalized a settlement with Nassau County that gives $2.5 million
in retroactive pay to 270 CSEA members employed by the county’s Department of Social Services after the county outsourced the work.
Through binding arbitration, which is included in our collective bargaining agreement with the county, an arbitrator decided that Nassau County Department of Social Services violated the subcontracting clause in our agreement with the county by giving the members’ work to a subcontractor.
After the local won arbitration, the county was unwilling to pay the award. Local leaders then enlisted the help of a CSEA regional attorney, Lou Stober, and successfully sued Nassau County for monies owed.
Yolanda Hall-Miller and Local Nassau County President Jerry Laricchiuta celebrate the resolution of the subcontracting case.
The settlement was divided based on how much your work was affected by the subcontracting.
Those who worked a full-time job at the Department of Social Service for all four years that the unit’s work was being outsourced, recently received a check for just over $10,000, while other workers who were not employed there for all four years or worked part-time received a partial amount.
Also as a result of the settlement, the outsourced work has been returned to the county and there have been 18 new hires.
“It’s very important to the Nassau County Local (executive) board members that CSEA members be respected for their contribution to the community. Our members work extraordinarily hard serving the taxpayers of Nassau County,” said Jerry Laricchiuta, Nassau County Local president. “This settlement isn’t just about reimbursement, it’s about honoring the commitment our members make to Nassau County
Belinda Bellamy and Nashon Clark are elated to have CSEA in their corner.
“I feel relieved that CSEA is really fighting on behalf of us.”
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February 2017
in their duties at the Department of Social Services.”
Long Island Region President Nick LaMorte said the successful litigation serves as a reminder of what unions do to protect their members.
“This multi-million dollar settlement is a result of violating the exclusivity of union jobs,” he said. “We protect our members and their rights, which are clearly defined in their contracts.”
— Wendi Bowie
“The union really stands behind us. It makes me feel more secure in my position.”
— Gary Errera, caseworker, Nassau County Department of Social Service
“Thank you for working so hard and being persistent.”
— Eleanor Chrobet, caseworker, Nassau County Department
of Social Service

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