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during time
of need
SCHENECTADY — CSEA members employed by the Schenectady County Probation Department have been playing a a a a a a a key role in in a a a a a a a large multi- month COVID emergency response operation that continues Late last winter efforts surrounded a a a a a a a a large-scale food distribution program that saw county employees volunteers and and staff from the the local Boys and and and Girls Club come together
to to to pack and and distribute food to to to community
members in need
“Our ‘work from home’ weeks were spent at the ‘club ’ ’ as we we we called it it ” said CSEA Schenectady County Office Unit President Katie Soule a a a a a probation officer “We estimate packing up thousands thousands and and and thousands thousands of food bags ” said Soule who also serves as CSEA’s Schenectady County In this 2020 file photo Schenectady Schenectady County County Public Works employee John Roth left and CSEA Schenectady Schenectady County County Office Unit President Katie Soule help package groceries for families in need
Schenectady County probation officers gather recently in in front of of of their
Broadway office office building From left Angie De Carlo Carrie Schnoop Erikka Burns Mary Redmond Shannon Corcoran Corcoran Patty Corcoran Corcoran Dana Gannon Katie Marra and Jim Wolff Employees Local treasurer “During the re-opening phase we we were pulled in in in in in in in in in in in in in in part due to our experience in in in in in working within
the community
with a a a a variety of of populations our professionalism adaptability and and willingness to to and and desire to to to help We were assigned
to to assist our County Public Health Department which was completely overwhelmed with managing
the the health crisis by aiding the the Environmental Health members with performing inspections of local gyms who sought approval to reopen ” Soule said Probation Department workers helped in in in in numerous ways including helping with crowd control and data entry at at at at county vaccinations sites at at at at Schenectady County Community College and municipal housing complexes The workers also happily helped at at several community
food bank drive-thru events held at at at the community
college that served more than 600 families Workers are also helping in in another special way “Most recently and ongoing we have been assisting over at the county run nursing home (Glendale) managing
visitation enabling
loved ones to enjoy visits on-site ” Soule said “Our training in in in de- escalation techniques motivational interviewing along with our our strong desire to serve our our our community
and and our our organizational and and time
management skills have enabled
us to support other departments and the the community
while still maintaining a a a a a high level of probation work These efforts combine to support a a a a a safe strong community
and of equal importance build unity
our membership ” “We were all very eager and honored to to be able to to help We We really felt like our our efforts were making a a a a difference in in in in helping our our community
impacted by COVID in in in so many different ways ” said Soule — Therese Assalian
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July-August 2021

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