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Union leadership training continues
through technology
T members provide essential services to to our our our communities but how our our our union provides services to to our our our own members CSEA is open for business and working harder than ever to protect our our members who provide essential services to our our communities To accomplish this and abide by social distancing we are are using technology
“Many of our members are are on on the front lines and it’s imperative that we are there for them when they need us the the the the most ” CSEA President Mary E E Sullivan Sullivan said Sullivan Sullivan is urging members to conduct meetings via videoconference or teleconference Many of our union’s planned in- person meetings this year have been canceled or postponed Our region local and unit leaders have been relying on on on on videoconference teleconference and more technology
to provide services a a a a a a a a a change for many activists who may prefer more traditional face-to-face contact with our members Western Region President Steve Healy said our CSEA activists know these are unprecedented times “The shift to to remote work and the use use of more tech platforms took some getting used to to but we we are managing pretty well ” Healy said “Everyone is stepping up to the challenge and we are continuing to do the the business of of the the union There is a a a a bit of of a a a a learning
curve here here but members are finding unique and and creative ways to keep our union their workplace and and local communities functioning from remote locations I would expect nothing less from our membership ” Central Region President Kenny Greenleaf is also adjusting to to using technology
to to do union business “Video conferencing obviously isn’t my preferred method of communication but we’re doing everything possible to ensure our local and and unit presidents have the the tools and and information they need to to serve our membership ” Greenleaf said “We’ve laughed because I’ve had
to to conference call people in on on on my phone if they aren’t able to to to get into Skype It’s been challenging but Region 5 is always up to to the challenge challenge ” “Our challenge challenge is getting important messages out to our members ” Capital Region President Ron Briggs said “The ways that we typically communicate in our union are paused I have had
several meetings over the web and and while informative and and educational I [miss] the the personal interaction ” Briggs Southern Region President Anthony Adamo and activists from both regions recently participated
in in a a a a video meeting with U S Rep Antonio Delgado whose district includes parts of the Hudson Valley and Capital District about securing more federal aid to New York Preparing ourselves
Over the past several years CSEA has upgraded our union’s own technology
to better serve our members in in a a a rapidly changing world Many of our members who have recently entered the workforce expect increased use of digital resources particularly in in in light of of many members living remotely or or working non-traditional hours CSEA is increasingly using remote meetings webinars online trainings and electronic communications such as as frequent email blasts to members Another advance is our “My CSEA” app for mobile devices which includes union news event calendars and access to to important leadership information our officers need to to represent members from anywhere CSEA’s Education and Training
he he COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed the way our and and Occupational Safety and and Health Departments recently launched several online courses to to to allow our our members to to to to continue to to to to have access to to to important training knowledge and resources “Whatever courses you you decide to take we hope you you you find them useful fin in your efforts to build a a stronger
union ” Sullivan said “While COVID-19 has accelerated our e-learning efforts this is is also the beginning of an exciting new time for our union ” — Janice Gavin Ove Ove Overmyer
Jessica Ladlee Nicholas Newcomb and Therese Assalian
CSEA business is is being done via technologies such as videoconference and teleconference Clockwise from top left Central Region Region Region President President President Kenny Greenleaf Western Region Region Region President President President Steve Healy Capital Region Region Region President President President Ron Briggs Briggs and and U S S S Rep Antonio Delgado who recently met virtually with Briggs Briggs Southern Region President Anthony Adamo center and and activists May 2020
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