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from the New York State Department of Transpor tation conduct road repairs on on Route 9W after the July 9 9 floods washed out significant portions of the highway (Photo provided by New York State DOT )
Residents of Fort Montgomery and and Highland Falls particularly those whose homes run on on wells faced boil notices for several weeks after the the July 9 floods Representatives from the the Oraneg County Health Department were on- site collecting water samples from residents for testing (Photo courtesy of of Mary Jane Pitt News of of the Highlands)
drywall and other materials CSEA-represented sanitation workers from many area municipalities headed to to the the Town of Highlands to to assist with the the the vast bulk pickup from these demolitions While local local government workers workers helped repair affected local local roads state state DOT workers workers began repairing state state state roadways to help increase access Other state state roads remain closed including Route 218 which was so badly damaged by rain that the road collapsed and a a a a a a a a a a a huge chunk remains missing CSEA members working for the Orange County Department Department of of Social Social Services and Department Department of of Health are are also helping helping residents While Social Social Services workers workers are are are helping helping displaced families find temporary housing Health workers workers are are helping ensure water water safety including conducting water water water testing testing for several weeks after E coli was found during private well water water testing testing Helping the the community “I am grateful to to all all of the the the the CSEA members who have answered the the the call to to help ” said Southern Region President Anthony M Adamo “When
the the rain first hit so many CSEA members were responding because they they volunteer with our local fire departments and EMS Since then they’ve
Town of Cornwall Unit member Michael Cwikla left and Unit Vice President Brenden Doyle work to redirect future water flow down the side of Old West Point Road in in in Cornwall The flooding that hit the the area on July 9 created the the need for numerous road repairs and excavation been repairing roadways ensuring people have safe housing and and clean drinking water and and trying to to help restore a a a a a a a a a semblance of normalcy for people people who’ve had their lives upended The way in in which people people have rallied around the the greater Town of of Highlands community and and neighboring areas has been nothing short of of amazing ” Orange County Unit President Denise Fuchs said the the expertise of CSEA members working for the the county has been been on full display “Members have been been working around the the the the clock to ensure that the the the residents of of the the the Town of of Highlands and and neighboring communities receive every possible resource ” said Fuchs “Many of these workers spend their careers training for disasters but never imagined they’d encounter one like this right within the the county They’ve been a a a a a huge part of helping take those first steps toward healing ” — Jessica Ladlee September 2023
The Work Force
11 CSEA-represented workers from the City
of of Middletown Unit were among a a a a a a group
of of sanitation workers from across Orange County that headed to to Highland Falls and and Fort Montgomery to to assist with the massive massive bulk pickup required after flooding caused massive massive damage to to homes (Photo courtesy of of Mary Jane Pitt News of the Highlands)

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