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CSEA Region Nominating Meetings
AFSCME Convention Delegates Election
  Notice of Nomination and Election 2024 AFSCME Convention Delegates
Delegate nominating meetings will be held in all CSEA Regions on Saturday, November
4, to nominate candidates for the position of Delegate to the 2024 AFSCME Convention scheduled for August 12 – August 16, 2024, in Los Angeles, California. The date, time and location of Region nominating meetings are printed at right.
These Region nominating meetings kick off the AFSCME Delegate
election process, which continues
in accordance with the schedule of election, printed at right, approved by CSEA’s Board of Directors.
CSEA members in each CSEA Region will elect Delegates from their Region. The number of Delegates
to which each Region is entitled
is based on Region membership strength, in accordance with the AFSCME and CSEA Constitutions.
Who is eligible?
Any member in good standing as of August 12, 2023, will be entitled to be nominated as a delegate to the AFSCME Convention. Any member in good standing as of November
4, 2023, will be eligible to nominate Delegates. Any qualified CSEA member will be eligible to nominate as many candidates for Delegates
as he or she desires, not to exceed the total number of Delegates to be elected from that Region. Nominees do not have to be at the nominating meeting.
Nominations may be made by slates of two or more individuals who will appear on the ballot as running together under a particular slate designation. The ballot will also allow slate candidates to be elected individually, separate from the slate.
Expenses for transportation, room and board at the AFSCME Convention will be paid by CSEA.
LONG ISLAND REGION 1 (34 delegates) Region Office, 3 Garet Place, Commack
METROPOLITAN REGION 2 (10 delegates) Region Office, 125 Maiden Lane, 5th Floor, New York City
SOUTHERN REGION 3 (30 delegates) Region Office, 568 State Route 52, Beacon
CAPITAL REGION 4 (25 delegates) Region Office, 1 Lear Jet Lane, Latham
CENTRAL REGION 5 (31 delegates) Region Office, 6595 Kirkville Road, East Syracuse
WESTERN REGION 6 (30 delegates) Region Office, 120 Pineview Drive, Amherst
 AFSCME Delegates Election Year 2024
In addition to our own CSEA elections, in 2024, there is also an AFSCME Delegates election. The approved schedule for that election is as follows:
November 4, 2023: November 20, 2023: December 8, 2023: December 12, 2023: December 22, 2023: January 16, 2024: January 23, 2024: February 15, 2024:
Ten (10) days following Statewide Election Committee Certification of Results
March 2024
Region Nomination Meetings
Deadline/declinations and name confirmation
Local and Unit President labels available
Deadline for campaign literature submission for printing Voter list available for inspection
Ballots mailed
Replacement ballots available
Ballots due 8:00 a.m.; Tally commences 9:00 a.m.
End of protest period
Results published in The Work Force
 Break in membership affects eligibility for union office, voting privileges
Abreak in union membership status can have long-term future implications. Your membership status affects your eligibility with respect to:
• Seeking or holding union office;
• Signing nominating petitions for
potential candidates;
• Voting in union elections, and;
• Voting on collective bargaining
Only members “in good standing”
can participate in these activities. To be in “good standing”, your dues cannot be delinquent.
If you go on unpaid leave or for any other reason have a break in your employment status, your dues will not continue to be paid through payroll deductions. You must make arrangements to pay your dues directly to CSEA to continue your membership status. If you are either laid off or placed on leave without pay status due to becoming disabled by accident, illness, maternity or
paternity, you may be eligible for dues-free membership status for a period not to exceed one year. If you are called up for active military duty you may also apply for dues-free status.
Note, however, you must continue to pay dues to run for office. Dues- free or gratuitous membership allows members to continue their insurance coverage while out of work. It does not protect your right to run for or hold office. This does not apply to members who are on leave due to being called up for military duty,
who are considered to have had continuous membership status for election purposes.
Please notify the CSEA Membership Department at 1-800- 342-4146, of any change in your status and to make arrangements to continue direct payment of your dues so as to maintain your status as “a member in good standing.”
Balloting for the AFSCME Delegates election will take place at the same time and as part of the CSEA elections for Statewide officers, Region officers and Board of Directors. Members are urged to carefully read the election information contained in The Work Force throughout the election cycle as well as the instructions, which will accompany each mail ballot.
  You need your CSEA ID number to participate in CSEA elections
Statewide, Region, Board of Directors and AFSCME Delegates
Your 10-digit CSEA ID number
is printed on your CSEA membership card. It is the only number you need when running as a candidate, signing nomination petitions, voting, etc.
If you are unsure of your ID number or have lost your card, you
may look up your CSEA ID number on your smart phone. Go to Click on the Get My Member ID at the top right of the page. Or call 1-800-342-4146 and request your number. You may also download the MY CSEA app.
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