Election results for Southern Region endorsed candidates

CSEA-endorsed candidates won elected posts throughout the Southern Region on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Their victories are due in part to the dedicated CSEA member volunteers working on endorsement interviews, phone banking and labor walks.

Here are our 2017 results:

Dutchess County Comptroller Jim Coughlan Lost
Dutchess County – Dist. 5 Legislator Pamela Kingsley Lost
Dutchess County – Dist. 6 Legislator Rebecca Edwards Won
Dutchess County – Dist. 11 Legislator Joel Tyner Won
Dutchess County – Dist. 12 Legislator Laurette Giardino Lost
Dutchess County – Dist. 16 Legislator John Forman Lost
Dutchess County – Dist. 18 Legislator Jerry Landisi Lost
Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus Won
Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler Won
Orange County Clerk Deborah Mulqueen Lost
Orange County – Dist. 3 Legislator Patricia McMillan Lost
Orange County – Dist. 4 Legislator Anthony Tarsio Lost
Orange County – Dist. 5 Legislator Stephen Hunter Lost
Orange County – Dist. 7 Legislator Myrna Kemnitz Lost
Orange County – Dist. 11 Legislator Janette McKay Lost
Orange County – Dist. 12 Legislator Kevin Hines Won
Orange County – Dist. 14 Legislator Laurie Tautel Won
Orange County – Dist. 15 Legislator Sylvia Santiago Lost
Orange County – Dist. 17 Legislator Mike Anagnostakis Won
Orange County – Dist. 18 Legislator Roseanne Sullivan Lost
Orange County – Dist. 19 Legislator Michael Paduch Won
Orange County – Dist. 21 Legislator James O’Donnell Won
Middletown Council – Ward 2 Andrew Green Won
Middletown Council – Ward 4 Sparrow Tobin Won
Montgomery Town Supervisor Rod Winchell Won
Rockland County Executive Maureen Porette Lost
Rockland County Clerk Paul Piperato Won
Clarkstown Town Supervisor Michael Sullivan Lost
Clarkstown Town Clerk Justin Sweet Won
Clarkstown Highway Superintendent Frank DiZenzo Won
Clarkstown Town Board – Ward 1 Frank Borelli Won
Clarkstown Town Board – Ward 2 Daniel Caprara Won
Clarkstown Town Board – Ward 3 Donald Franchino Won
Clarkstown Town Board – Ward 4 Patrick Carroll Won
Orangtown Town Supervisor Thom Kleiner Lost
Orangtown Town Board Dennis Troy Won
Orangtown Town Board Tom Diviny Won
Ramapo Town Supervisor Michael Specht Won
Ramapo Highway Superintendent Fred Brinn Won
Ramapo Town Council Yitzchok Ullman Won
Ramapo Town Council David Wanounou Won
Spring Valley Mayor Alan Simon Won
Sullivan County Treasurer Nancy Buck Won
Sullivan County District Attorney Jim Farrell Won
Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Schiff Won
Kingston Council – Ward 5 Teryl Mickens Lost
Kingston Council – Ward 7 Patrick O’Reilly Lost
Kingston Council – Ward 8 James Rodden Lost
Kingston Council – Ward 9 Deb Brown Lost
Lloyd Town Supervisor Paul Hansut Won
Westchester County Executive George Latimer Won
Westchester County – Dist. 1 Legislator Nancy Vann Lost
Westchester County – Dist. 2 Legislator Kitley Covill Won
Westchester County – Dist. 3 Legislator Daren Tolz Lost
Westchester County – Dist. 5 Legislator Ben Boykin Won
Westchester County – Dist. 6 Legislator Nancy Barr Won
Westchester County – Dist. 7 Legislator Catherine Parker Won
Westchester County – Dist. 8 Legislator Alfreda Williams Won
Westchester County – Dist. 9 Legislator Catherine Borgia Won
Westchester County – Dist. 12 Legislator Mary Jane Shimsky Won
Westchester County – Dist. 13 Legislator London Williams Won
Westchester County – Dist. 14 Legislator Gwen Dean Lost
Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader Won
Yonkers City Council Ward 6 Anthony Pagano Lost
Yonkers City Council – Ward 2 Corazon Pineda Won
Yonkers City Council – Ward 4 Maeve Scott Lost
Yonkers Highway Superintendent Dave Paganelli Won