Field Services

With over 100 staff dedicated to supporting CSEA’s field program, our Field and Member Services Department is the largest and most productive in the entire labor movement. Lets start with the basics, Labor Relations.

Labor Relations –Field Services Each Labor Relations Specialist is committed to negotiating the best local government or private sector contract possible and ensuring the contract is enforced. Working with member negotiating teams, CSEA field staff help prepare bargaining proposals, make demands on behalf of the union, act as the chief spokesperson during negotiations, develop bargaining strategy, communicate about negotiations progress and plan the ratification voting process. Of course, getting a fair contract is not easy. We have a team of managers on the other side of the table who want to ensure workers are paid as little as possible. But getting a solid contract is only the beginning. Grievance handling, disciplinary procedures, labor-management meetings are all part of labor relations. And, it is a job that involves every worker. It takes solidarity to get the job done.

  • CSEA Nursing Home Summit   CSEA Nursing Home Summit ┬áIn an effort to bring together members across the state to discuss the nursing home crisis,in October and November 2012, CSEA hosted a Nursing Home Summit in Albany and Rochester. All local government leaders in counties with public nursing homes were invited to attend. The Summit provided an opportunity for members ... Read more...