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Long Island Region President Jerry Laricchiuta’s Monthly Message

Greetings and good day to all.  Region One is still moving forward despite the aggressive attack from the COVID Delta Virus.  It appears that we may be finally reaching the worst of the COVID pandemic’s 2021 hit on our society.  Numbers are beginning to flatten out and we expect a slow move in the right direction going forward.  Hopefully what I wrote here is true.  Assuming for now that it is, will this be the last deadly swell in an uptick of COVID cases in the U.S.?  Can we finally assume that this deadly virus is now on a permanent downturn?

Regardless of the COVID predictability going forward, CSEA is deeply entrenched in a fight against vaccine mandates in the workplace.  We know that in the healthcare services business, all employees must be vaccinated.  Then we have the hundreds of schools across Long Island where vaccinations are strongly encouraged.  If a member is not vaccinated, then they must be tested at the end of each week.  Recently, there have been terminations of certain members who refused to be vaccinated or tested weekly.  I say regardless of your politics, whether you are Democrat or Republican, let’s take this from a point of safety first.  We need to take any measures that will help eradicate this deadly virus.  There is no right or wrong.  As a society, we all win when COVID stops killing us. That must be the only goal.

Recently, our Region One Social Committee held a member information day walk-through at our beautiful Region One Office in Commack.  As luck would have it, it rained, sometimes heavily, during most of the walk-through.  But the rain didn’t stop over 100 volunteers and members who came to visit us and speak to our vendors.  I was able to say hello and have conversations with almost all of our members.  CSEA Executive Vice President Denise Berkeley came down form Albany to join us that day.  Denise is simply an amazing CSEA leader who rarely misses a single event held by this union.  Although Denise did get a little wet, she managed to speak to dozens of our members who made the trip out to Region One.  Our Social Committee Chairperson, Barbara Homburger, led the charge that day with a super organized walk-through.  Barbara and the entire Social Committee deserve a really big round of applause from our Region One Executive Board.  I cannot thank them enough for always putting the Region out ahead of their own concerns.  It would have been easy for Barbara to call the day on rain, but she would not even think of it.  I thank her again for her perseverance and the pride she has for Region One.

Last week, our Veterans Committee Chairperson Maryann Phelps held our Annual Veterans Committee Ceremony at the Armed Forces Plaza at the H. Lee Dennison Building in Hauppauge.  We had a great turn-out as we honored the service of all United States Veterans. Recently, Maryann retired as Region One Secretary; however, she is another Region One Chairperson who is just so dedicated to her cause that she never takes a break.  As a result of her undying loyalty to the Veterans, I have asked Maryann to continue as Chair of the Region One Veterans Committee and she agreed.  Thank you, Maryann.

Our Region is looking forward to our 2022 Spring Conference at the Great Escapes Lodge near Lake George, NY, next May.  More information will be coming out about this conference soon.  I know it will be a big success based on how well our Region committees and board members have done with our other events under the dirty spell of COVID.  Let’s hope next May is a time for us to begin celebrating the downfall of COVID.

Thank you for reading my report.  I look forward to when we can get back to real face-to-face meetings with all of our members again.  It’s coming soon!