Money Savers

President’s Message,

We’re glad that you’re part of the CSEA family. As a member of our family you can expect better treatment on the job, greater rights and protections, and all of the benefits in Money Savers!

The range of benefits and services CSEA provides is unmatched by any other union. As a CSEA member, you’re entitle to the most comprehensive package of benefits and programs that you can find anywhere-savings you money and helping to make a better, both on and off the job.

With CSEA’s members-only benefits you can save money on insurance, mortgages, credit cards, major purchases and even legal matters. You also get great deals on vacations, hotels, rental cars, cellular phone service and more. We are constantly searching for additional benefits that are provided by unionized workers and made in the USA.

Please read through the information for details on some of the many benefits CSEA offers. If you have any questions, just pick up the phone and call the Member Benefits Department at 1-800-342-4146 ext. 1359.

As the value and variety of CSEA’s benefits become clear, remember the greatest benefit of all -strength. It’s measured in numbers. You’re stronger because you belong to CSEA, a  union that’s 300,000 strong.

In Solidarity,

Danny Donohue, President