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 A Message from CSEA President Danny Donohue

DD“When I started with CSEA more than 35  years ago as a member, I was a bus driver from Brooklyn who only knew you had to belong to be strong. I never dreamed then that I would have the privilege to be the President of the best union in New York State. CSEA has made a tremendous difference in the lives of working men and women for over a century. We’ve been flexible when we needed to be and rock solid when we need to be. We have the bargaining power to get our members what they deserve; RESPECT and a VOICE in this great state and on the job.”

When you join CSEA, you gain strength and expertise earned by 100 years of hard-fought, hard-learned lessons. Having access to all of our resources can make all the difference.

The Strength and Experience to Make a Differenceorganized for power photo

For more than 100 years, CSEA members have been fighting for working people through collective action–people working together–to get the job done.

These are no ordinary times. The middle class is suffering; wages are being cut, benefits denied and jobs privatized. There is a steady drumbeat of old, telling us that management dictates the rules of our work and we have no say in our conditions.

Union members know this is not true.

We know, we hold the power to turn it around through union organizing. We hold bargaining power that makes lasting changes in our lives and strengthens our communities. On the job, we’re passionate about the work we do. Whether we work for the state, local government, in the schools or the private sector, we’re proud to provide the services we all rely on every day to make our lives better.



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