Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace violence is any physical assault, threatening behavior, or verbal abuse occurring where a public employee performs any work-related duty in the course of his or her employment.

CSEA has led the fight against workplace violence for many years.  Click here for a brief history of the NYS public employee workplace violence prevention  law.

The Safety and Health Department has prepared a number of resources and tools to help address the hazard of workplace violence.


General Information on Workplace Violence

Frequently Asked Questions About the Workplace Violence Prevention Law

27-b NYS Public Employe Workplace Violence Prevention Law

Workplace Violence Prevention Regulation

Short on time?  Read CSEA’s Executive Summary of the Workplace Violence Prevention Regulation.

or our Workplace Violence Prevention Fact Sheet

Workplace Violence Prevention DVD, call CSEA Headquarters at (800) 342-4246 and ask to speak to the health and safety department to get a copy of the DVD today!

Is it time fro a review? Read our Annual Requirements Fact Sheet

Guidance for Local and Unit Leadership

Not sure where to begin? Follow this “To Do List for Union Leaders” to get started.

What does your employer have to do to meet the requirements?  Follow these 7 Steps to comply with the workplace violence prevention regulation.

Does your employer’s training meet the requirements?  Review the training requirements of the NYS workplace violence prevention regulation to find out.

If you are unsure if your employer is including authorized employee representatives in all program areas, review all areas of the regulation that require Employee Involvement.


Tools to Help You Address Workplace Violence

Workplace Examination Check List Public employers are required to complete a workplace examination; they must review and assess many things. Use the workplace examination checklist to make sure your employer has looked at everything.

Workplace Violence Worker Survey Use the workplace violence survey to get a better understanding of violence at your work site.

Workplace Violence Inspection Form Use the workplace violence inspection form to help you record your observations if you are looking to do an inspection.

Focus Group Activity If you are looking to get more information about a specific area or problem, try conducting a workplace violence focus group to get detailed information.

Incident Report Form To report and record incidents of workplace violence, use the workplace violence incident report form to document what happened.

Incident Investigation Form In the event that a workplace violence incident occurs, use the workplace violence incident investigation form to get to the root-cause of the incident.


Links and Other Useful Information

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