Region 6 Second Vice President Tim Finnigan

Region Tfinniganhird Vice President Tim Finnigan moved to New York State in 1989. Soon after, he met his wife, Charlene. The two recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.

Time became a union activist when he met Charlene, and he officially became a member in September 1994.

Tim has served as a steward, first vice president and executive vice president for CSEA SUNY Geneseo Local 608.

He is also chairman of the Western Region Political Action Committee and the Region Golf Tournament committee. He serves on the region PEOPLE committee, and the statewide Resolutions Committee, PEOPLE Committee, and Political Action Committee.

He is a graduate of CSEA’s third Lead Program class.

Tim has also served our country in the military and we thank him for is service.

Tim and Charlene have a daughter, Shenita. Tim is the son of the late Charles and Elizabeth Finnigan. He is the youngest of 11 children – nine boys and two girls.