Request Member Benefits at Your CSEA Event


Are you planning a CSEA membership meeting or event in the near future?

Would you like to request our Member Benefits Department and family of vendors to attend your event? It’s as easy as submitting an email– just follow these instructions. Here is a simple checklist to guarantee a successful event.

In an effort to streamline the process, all requests should be made via email to CSEA’s Member Benefit Department at

In order to increase the chance that the various vendors will be able to attend, or that there is enough time for shipping, please provide a minimum of four weeks notice and include the following event details in your email:

*Local/Unit Name

*Event type – meeting, picnic, lunch & learn, etc

*Date (Date of the event)

*Location including meeting room and full address:  (Where event is being held)

Is an internet connection available? (Yes or No)

Are electrical outlets available?(Yes or No)

Event start and end time for members (Start and End Time)

*Vendor start and end time – (Vendor Start and End Time).

*Number of people expected

*Is the Event Open to all Vendors:  (Yes or No) (If no is picked ask user to enter who they want to attend)

*RSVP contact name, email, Ph# and RSVP Date.

Mailing address where vendor items can be shipped if one is available:

*Is security Clearance required pre- event? (Yes or No)


Email to



SUNY Albany Local 691 Membership Meeting

September 30, 2016

11 AM- 2PM

Patroon Room, Campus Center, University at Albany uptown campus, 1200 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY

Vendors set-up by 10:45 until lunch at 12:30 PM

175 members


RSVP by 9/21 to Sharon Burns at or call 442-7814

Your event will be posted on CSEA’s vendor calendar for CSEA vendors (member benefits, health benefits, etc)

Any questions, contact Latonya Brown at 518-257-1359; the Member Benefits department at 518-257-1359 or above email