Special Retiree Plans

Senior Life Insurance

  • Provides Retiree Members and their spouses with extra money to help cover the later in life expenses
  • Benefit can be used for anything — medical costs, credit card bills and other final expenses
  • Guaranteed issue coverage – you       cannot be turned down
  • Available to members under age 80
  • Will Preparation Benefit

Dental Insurance

Two Dental plans to choose from:

  • Choice 1 from Cigna Dental — use an in-network dentist, no waiting periods or deductibles
  • Choice 2 from MetLife — choose any dentist you want, no deductible for preventive card

Auto | Home | Umbrella

Pearl Carroll offers a convenient buying service for Auto & Home insurance. Get quotes from up to 10 different insurance companies to compare for the best coverage at the best price. And with our team of Policy Review Specialists, you’ll get a free annual coverage review before your renewal date to ensure you’re still getting the best possible rate.

Hospital & Home Care Recovery Insurance

  • Provides Retiree Members with extra money to help cover the cost of a hospital stay and the recovery afterwards
  • Cash benefits are paid in addition to any               other insurance you have
  • Members under age 75 and their spouses are eligible
  • No medical exam or health questions to enroll
  • No termination age once enrolled

Vision Insurance through Pearl Carroll

  • Save money on eye care with this plan from Davis Vision
  • Receive an eye health exam every year ($10 copayment)
  • Receive new frames and lenses every year ($25 copayment)
  • One year eyeglass breakage warranty included on plan eyewear at no additional cost

CSEA Retiree Reduced Fee Dental Program

This program offers retirees an alternative to dental insurance. Retirees can choose from a network of participating dental providers who agree to charge a reduced rate for specific services and treatments as outlined in the Retiree Reduced Fee Dental program booklet. This is not an insurance program and is only available to CSEA Retiree members. Retiree Members are responsible for payment of the fees to provider based upon the services rendered and the prices listed for that service. To obtain a copy of the booklet please contact the CSEA Member Benefits Department.

Vision Care Programs

Pearl Carroll & Associates, Retiree Davis Vision Plan

With this new plan, every 12 months you are eligible to receive: full eye examination, new frames and lenses or new contact lenses among other great benefits for you and your spouse. Davis Vision offers convenient network locations, making it easy to find a provider in your area. Between their list of preferred doctors and select retail partners you get the freedom to choose where you receive your eye care.

For more details about the plan, just log on to the Open Enrollment/Discount Plan section at davisvision.com and enter Client Code 4926 or call Pearl Carroll and Associates at 1-877-847-2732.

CSEA Vision Care Value Advantage Program

This program allows members and their dependents to receive eye examinations, eyewear and laser vision correction at reduced prices. Members simply call the Davis Vision Care Processing Unit at 1-800-783-3594 (TTY 1-800-523-2847). The Value Advantage Plan is available nationwide, members will be supplied with the names and addresses of network providers nearest them.

One year eyeglass breakage warranty included on plan eyewear at no additional cost