The Governor’s Boondoggle continues

The Governor this week continued to put forward his boondoggle on the issue of health care.  Your CSEA team made it as clear as the day is long that his proposal in its current form on health insurance is a major problem.

The team fought to convince the state that our proposal, which we have previously put forward, is the best way to slow the growth of health care costs, save the health care plan money, and provide employees with quality affordable healthcare.  The state hasn’t gotten their head out of the sand on the issue of health care costs yet.

The team maintained the drumbeat to the Governor’s staff that this negotiation is not a concessionary negotiation.  Your team made it clear that the CSEA membership has given, and we have little interest in giving without getting enhancements for the membership.   

Part of this week’s negotiation was the Administrative Service Unit (ASU-Green Book) and Institutional Service Unit (ISU-Red Book) negotiation.  In both units the team argued for contractual enhancements while the state sought concessions that would negatively impact the members. 

The team also negotiated with the state on Article 11 (Worker’s Compensation) and Article 15 (Safety and Health).  We continue to attempt to address these two areas in terms of injury prevention and the state looks at these issues from the stand point of enforcement and benefit reductions. 

We highlighted areas that have implemented prevention programs and had management commitment that have led to lower worker’s compensation claims and safer work environment. 

The state at this point is only interested in prevention that is tied to more enforcement.  This issue will continue to be discussed in the course of negotiations.
The Team will be back negotiating with the Governor staff next week.
Thank you again for standing with us