This Week in Albany

Week ending October 14, 2016

CSEA Responds to Governor’s Flat Funding Call

This week, CSEA President Danny Donohue responded to Governor Cuomo’s call to State agencies to hold their budgets flat once again.

President Donohue questioned the administration’s priorities, focusing on the $8 billion the state spends every year on so-called “economic development” initiatives while straining the services that our communities depend on every day.

“The Cuomo administration must think state workers are magicians or something,” President Donohue said. “The governor’s approach completely ignores the fact that state agency overtime has reached a critical mass and that real people are suffering because of this administration’s mismanaged priorities.”

Legislative Update

This legislative session, CSEA strongly advocated for a bill that would require the Office of Mental Health to a report on the number of assaults on staff members in any of the state’s four forensic facilities. That legislation (S.6916C – Ortt / A.9620 – Gunther) has now been signed into law.

There are still 209 bills that passed both houses but have not yet been sent to the Governor.

Election Spotlight – SD 46

This week’s “Election Spotlight” looks at the 46th State Senate district, represented by Senator George Amedore. The district covers Greene and Montgomery counties, as well as parts of Albany, Schenectady, and Ulster counties.

As we enter the final weeks of the election, it is crucial that you volunteer to help ensure CSEA endorsed candidates win on Election Day. To volunteer, please contact your region political action coordinator. Visit our website to see the list of CSEA endorsed candidates.

Election Day is November 8.

Region 1

Sue Castle – (631) 462-0030

Region 2

Matt D’Amico – (212) 406-2156

Region 3

Chris Ludlow – (845) 831-1000

Region 4

Bryan Miller – (518) 782-4400

Region 5

Rick Noreault – (315) 433-0050

Region 6

Chris Rackl – (716) 691-6555