This Week in Albany

Week ending October 21, 2016

PEF Contract Announced

Governor Cuomo announced a contract agreement with the Public Employees Federation (PEF) this week. Many details of the contract have not yet been released.

CSEA President Danny Donohue said, “Congratulations to our brothers and sisters at PEF on their tentative agreement with New York state. CSEA will continue to work with the governor’s administration to reach a contract agreement that best serves CSEA’s members.”

Opioid Treatment Coverage Guidelines Released

The heroin and opioid crisis has negatively impacted lives across our state. Families have lost loved ones, lives have been cut short, and social service caseloads have skyrocketed.

The state legislature passed a package of legislation addressing some of these issues this year. One major part of the package focused on making it harder for insurance companies to deny coverage for treatment.

This week, the Department of Financial Services released its guidelines for insurers to cover the cost of treatment. Specifically, insurers must cover medication for treatment and are forbidden from requiring preauthorization for coverage of inpatient substance abuse treatment.

This package of legislation was a good start, and CSEA will continue to work with state legislators to come up with solutions to these problems. Special thanks go to Senators Amedore, Murphy, Ortt, Funke, Hannon, Marcellino, and Serino for their work on getting this package of bills signed into law.

Election Spotlight – SD 60

This week, our “Election Spotlight” focuses on the 60th Senate District, covering part of Erie County. CSEA has endorsed Chris Jacobs to fill the seat being vacated by Senator Marc Panepinto.

As we enter the final weeks of the election, it is crucial that you volunteer to help ensure CSEA endorsed candidates win on Election Day. To volunteer, please contact your region political action coordinator. Visit our website to see the list of CSEA endorsed candidates.

Election Day is November 8.

Region 1

Sue Castle – (631) 462-0030

Region 2

Matt D’Amico – (212) 406-2156

Region 3

Chris Ludlow – (845) 831-1000

Region 4

Bryan Miller – (518) 782-4400

Region 5

Rick Noreault – (315) 433-0050

Region 6

Chris Rackl – (716) 691-6555