This Week in Albany

Week ending May 5, 2017

Legislative Update

The Legislative & Political Action Department is actively advocating for legislation to benefit CSEA members while fighting against potentially harmful proposals.While there are only 20 days remaining in the 2017 legislative session, CSEA is hopeful that many of our legislative priorities will be addressed.

To see a list of the legislation CSEA has supported or opposed this legislative session, please visit our website. 

American Health Care Act Passes House

On Thursday the U.S. House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA), legislation intended to replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). The bill passed by a vote of 217-213. All New York Democrats voted against the bill, while all Republicans with the exception of Dan Donovan (CD11) and John Katko (CD24) voted for it.

The bill will now be sent to the U.S. Senate, where its future is very uncertain. Any changes made to the bill will require it to be sent back to the House for concurrence. Depending on the changes made in the Senate, it could be difficult for the House to re-pass the bill.

If the AHCA were to become law, it would have a significant negative impact on health care delivery and financing in New York State. It is estimated that the AHCA would leave 2.7 million New Yorkers without health care, would cut $4.7 billion from the state’s Medicaid budget, and would cost the state at least $6.9 billion over the next four years. More specifically, payments to nursing homes would be cut by $401 million, home care payments would be cut by $360 million, and hospital payments would be cut by $355 million. Further, the bill passed by the House contains a provision that would allow states to allow insurers to charge people with pre-existing conditions higher premiums.

While the vote in the House is over, we are asking you to call your member of the House of Representatives.

If your representative  voted NO on the legislation, thank them for their vote. If your House member voted YES, call and express your disappointment that they voted in favor of stripping billions of dollars in Medicaid funding from New York State, and making it nearly impossible for people with pre-existing conditions to obtain affordable health insurance.

At a Glance

The State legislature will be in Albany for three days next week. June 21 is the last scheduled day of the legislative session.