This Week in Albany

Week ending May 12, 2017

Legislative Update

The recently enacted 2017-18 State budget removed important reporting requirements for the START-UP NY program. This week, CSEA issued a memorandum in support of legislation (A.7427 – Schimminger / S.5985 – Boyle) that would reinstitute and expand those reporting requirements. CSEA has opposed the START-UP NY program since its inception, and New Yorkers should know whether their taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely.

Legislation that would give the Office of the State Comptroller oversight over local development corporations (LDCs) has made it to the floor of both houses. CSEA strongly supports this legislation (A.3047 – Magnarelli / S.4827 – Marchione), which will hold LDCs responsible to the taxpayers that fund their operations.

Legislation that would establish caseload standards for child protective services workers made it to the floor of the Assembly this week. This legislation (A.4049 – Lupardo / S.3146 – Golden), strongly supported by CSEA, has already passed the Senate.


Chair of Assembly Ways & Means Committee Won’t Run in 2018

Assemblyman Herman “Denny” Farrell (D-Manhattan), announced this week that he will not seek re-election in 2018. Farrell, who has served in the legislature for 42 years, chairs the Assembly’s powerful Ways and Means Committee. The Chairman has not indicated whether or not he will serve out the remainder of his term before stepping down.


Constitutional Convention Fact

The rights to join a union and collectively bargain are guaranteed in the state constitution. A state constitutional convention controlled by corporations and their lobbyists could eliminate this guarantee.


At a Glance

The state legislature will be in session for three days next week. There are 17 days remaining in the 2017 legislative session.