This Week in Albany

Week ending August 10, 2018

Chris Collins Indicted

Representative Chris Collins (R-NY27) was indicted on insider trading charges this week.

The charges allege that Collins used his position on the board of an Australian biotechnology company to pass insider information to his son and other individuals about the failure of a drug trial. The federal indictment against Collins, his son, and one other person includes 13 charges, among them wire fraud, securities fraud, and making false statements to the FBI.

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) stripped Collins of his seat on the Energy and Commerce Committee. Collins had previously been under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for his holdings in the Australian company.

Collins has denied the accusations. He has no plans to resign his seat, and plans to continue running for re-election.

Never Quit Fact of the Week

By a margin of about two-to-one, voters in Missouri overwhelmingly rejected a statewide “Right-to-Work” law for the private sector this week. (Janus v AFSCME effectively instituted a nation-wide “Right-to”Work” policy in the public sector, but did not impact the private sector.)

In 2017, Missouri’s then-Governor Eric Greitens signed a “Right-to-work” bill, making Missouri the country’s 28th “Right-to-Work” state. However, unions gathered roughly 300,000 signatures to prevent the law from going into effect until after it was put to a public vote. The law was effectively voided on Tuesday when 67% of Missouri voters voted “no”.

This was a major victory for the labor movement and shows that workers can fight back against anti-union politicians and corporate elites when we stand together