This Week in Albany

Week ending September 13, 2019

Legislative Update – 9/11 Bills

On the 18th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Governor Cuomo signed the following legislation into law:

  • S.5898-D (Gaughran) / A.8278-C (Weprin):  This legislation grants a ¾ disability pension to any member of the State and Local Employee Retirement System or the Teachers’ Retirement System who becomes sick or disabled due to an illness connected with their work during the rescue, recovery, or cleanup at the World Trade Center site.
  • S.5890-A (Gounardes) / A.7819-A (Pheffer-Amato): This legislation makes it easier for volunteers at the World Trade Center site who now work for the state to file claims for sick leave by providing a process for public authorities and municipal corporations outside of New York City to obtain reimbursement for line of duty sick leave granted to their employees and allowing certain municipalities and authorities to use sick leave for qualifying World Trade Center conditions. This legislation also provides new protections for public employees who use this time from facing any adverse action from their employer.

CSEA supported these efforts to recognize the service of those who stepped up when it was most needed.

2020 Census

The 24th United States Census will occur in 2020, with April 1, 2020 being Census Day. Census postcards should begin arriving in March. The 2020 Census will be the first time that forms can be filled out online, in addition to mail-in and phone options.

Among other things, the Census is used to determine a state’s representation in Congress and is used in the redistricting of Congressional and state legislative districts. New York is currently projected to lose one or two seats in Congress.

It is important for all residents of New York to accurately fill out their Census forms to help ensure that New York continues to have the representation we deserve in Washington, DC.

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