This Week in Albany

Week ending October 18, 2019

Legislative Update

This week, Governor signed into law legislation to establish protections against hospital emergency charges.

Since 2015, out-of-network disputes over excessuve emergency room bills by physicians have been subject to the Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) process to determine whether there is a gross disparity between the physician charges and a number of commonly used reimbursement benchmarks. This legislation extends that law to also apply IDR to emergency hospital services. This new law will go into effect on January 1.

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Campaign Finance Reform Commission Update

The Campaign Finance Reform Commission will release its report on establishing a system of publicly financed elections on the day before Thanksgiving, it was reported this week. The timing of the planned release has drawn critics on both sides of the aisle.

The Commission’s findings are due by December 1, and will be binding unless modified by the legislature within 20 days.

Election Spotlight – Onondaga County

Office: County Executive
Municipality: Onondaga County
# of CSEA Members: 7,694

CSEA has endorsed Ryan McMahon for Onondaga County Executive. Since being appointed Executive last year, after Joanie Mahoney resigned, McMahon has worked side by side with CSEA to improve the morale of the county workforce. This is a vast difference from the battles CSEA endured with the Mahoney administration. For example, shortly after taking office McMahon signed an order to protect the personal information of county employees in the face of the Janis decision. Moreover, McMahon proudly walked with CSEA during this year’s Labor Day Parade at the New York State Fairgrounds. We need to continue this strong relationship and to do so McMahon needs your support on Election Day! To join other CSEA volunteers helping with his campaign, contact Region 5 Political Coordinator Josh Schick at (315) 433-0060.

For a list of all CSEA endorsed candidates and information on Early Voting, visit