Top Ten Never Quit Talking Points

At our 107th Annual Meeting, delegates were asked to give us responses they might use if they overheard someone talking about quitting the union.

Here are the top ten responses submitted:

#10 – Do not quit on yourself.

#9 – If you think your benefits suck now, wait until there are none.

#8 – What about your future?

#7 – Why would you quit on a union that will never quit on you?

#6 – Things that look great at first can turn out to be the wrong decision later.

#5 – Your employer doesn’t negotiate a contract because they are nice.  It’s because of our Union!

#4 – How can I help you?

#3 – What is so bad now you would want so much less later?

#2 – We need to chat.  Can you give me 5 minutes of your time?