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2023 Local Government Elections

This year is a local government election year. You won’t see candidates on the ballot running for president, governor or other state or federal offices.

Which elected offices are on the ballot?

This year, voters will elect candidates to county, city, town and village offices. These elected leaders make important policy and budgetary decisions that directly impact your quality of life every day.


Use this link to check.

Use this link to register online to vote.

Use this link to request a voter registration form be mailed to you.

For more information, call:
1-800-FOR-VOTE (1-800-367-8683).


Important 2023 Dates

October 28 Last day to register to vote
Oct. 28 – Nov. 5 Early Voting Period
November 7 General Election Day

To learn more or get involved, contact your region’s Political Action Coordinator. Contact information is below.

CSEA Endorsements

Statewide Ballot Measures

CSEA has endorsed two statewide ballot measures in this year’s General Election.

Proposal 1: Remove the Debt Limit for Small City School Districts
CSEA Position: Support

This ballot measure would remove the 5% cap on debt limits for small city school districts, defined as districts in cities with fewer than
125,000 residents, are subject to a cap on borrowing for school capital projects not to exceed 5% of taxable real property within the district. All other school districts are subject to a 10% cap.

This ballot measure would remove the 5% cap and subject the small city school districts to the same 10% cap of other districts. CSEA represents members employed at more than 30 small city school districts, which equally deserve high-quality infrastructure and facilities.

Proposal 2: Exclusion of Sewer Debt From Debt Limits
CSEA Position: Support

For 50 years, sewer debts have been excluded from the constitutional debt limits of municipalities to allow them to issue debt for sewer facilities without limiting their ability to pay for other capital improvements. This ballot measure extends the exemption until 2034; this continued exemption would allow funding to maintain and improve municipal infrastructure. Thousands of CSEA members across the state provide infrastructure services.

Click here to learn more about the ballot measures

Long Island Region 1

Click on links to see your county:

Nassau County
Siela Bynoe – County Legislature 2
Sheharvar Ali – County Legislature 3
Patrick Mullaney – County Legislature 4
Joseph Baker – County Legislature 5
Benjamin Jackson – County Legislature 6
Howard Kopel – County Legislature 7
John Giuffre – County Legislature 8
Scott Strauss – County Legislature 9
Mazi Pilip – County Legislature 10
Michael Giangregorio – County Legislature 12
Thomas McKevitt – County Legislature 13
C. William Gaylor – County Legislature 14
John Ferretti – County Legislature 15
Arnold Drucker – County Legislature 16
Rose Walker – County Legislature 17
Samantha Goetz – County Legislature 18
James Kennedy – County Legislature 19

Town of Oyster Bay
Joe Saladino – Town Supervisor
Richard LaMarca – Town Clerk
Jeff Pravato – Receiver of Taxes
Vicki Walsh – Town Council
Laura Maier – Town Council
Steve Labriola – Town Council

Town of Hempstead
Donald Clavin – Town Supervisor
Kate Murray – Town Clerk
Jeanine Driscoll – Receiver of Taxes
Thomas Muscarella – Town Council 2
Melissa Miller – Town Council 3
Laura Ryder – Town Council 4
Chris Carini – Town Council 5

Town of South Hampton
Bill Pell – Town Council

Metropolitan Region 2

Melinda Katz –District Attorney


Kevin Riley – Council Seat 12 

Mercedes Narcisse – Council Seat 46 

Southern Region 3

Click on links to see your county:

Dutchess County
Sue Serino – Dutchess County Executive

Brad Kendall – Dutchess County Clerk
Matt Weishaupt – Dutchess County District Attorney

Town of Wappinger
Joseph Cavaccini – Town Supervisor

Town of New Windsor
Stephen Bedetti – Town Supervisor

Rockland County
Lon Hofstein – County Legislature 5
Ray Francis – County Legislature 10

Town of Clarkstown
George Hoehmann – Town Supervisor
Mike Graziano – Town Council Ward 2
Donald Franchino – Town Council Ward 3
Patrick Carroll – Town Council Ward 4
Bob Milone – Highway Superintendent

Sullivan County
Nicholas Salomone – County Legislature 4
Joe Perrello – County Legislature 7

Town of Fallsburg
Michael Bensimone – Town Supervisor
Jeff Weiner – Town Council
Paula Grogan – Town Clerk

City of Kingston
Steve Noble – Mayor
Sara Pasti – Alderperson, Ward 1
Jeanne Edwards – Alderperson, Ward 4

Town of Lloyd
David Plavchak – Town Supervisor
Elia Lloyd – Town Council

Westchester County
Colin Smith – County Legislature 1
Margaret Cunzio – County Legislature 3
Vedat Gashi – County Legislature 4
Benjamin Boykin – County Legislature 5
Nancy Barr – County Legislature 6
Emiljana Ulaj – County Legislature 9
Terry Clements – County Legislature 11
Tyrae Woodson-Samuels – County Legislature 13
David Tubiolo – County Legislature 14
Shanae Williams – County Legislature 16

City of White Plains
Jenn Puja – City Council
Victoria Free Presser – City Council
Jeremiah Frei-Pearson – City Council

City of Yonkers
Mike Spano – Mayor

Capital Region 4

Click on links to see your county:

Albany County
Dan McCoy – County Executive
Craig Apple – Sheriff

Town of Colonie
Peter Crummey – Town Supervisor
Julie Gansle – Town Clerk
Kristen Blais – Town Board
Rick Field – Town Board
Paul Nylin – Town Board
Kimberly Cuva – Receiver of Taxes

Clinton County
John Zurlo – County Clerk
Rick Hazen – County Legislature 5

Town of Glenville
Kurt Semon – Town Board
Brendan Gillooley – Town Board
Robert Kirkham – Town Board

Town of Niskayuna
Jamie Lynn Puccioni – Town Supervisor
Jessica Brennan – Town Board
William McPartion – Town Board

Warren County
Carrie Black – County Clerk

Central Region 5

Click on links to see your county:

Cayuga County
Kristine Lytle – County Clerk
Aileen McNabb-Coleman – County Legislature 5
Stephanie Devito – County Legislature 10

Town of Sullivan
John Becker – Town Supervisor

Town of Oneida
Jim Chamberlain – Mayor

Oneida County
Cynthia Rogers-Witt – County Legislature 4

City of Rome
Eric Seelig – City Clerk
John Nash – Common Council President
John Sparace – Common Council, Ward 1
Ramona Smith – Common Council, Ward 4
David Sbaraglia – Common Council, Ward 7

Onondaga County

Bill Kinne – County Executive
Marty Masterpole – County Comptroller
Dan Romeo – County Legislature 7
Chris Ryan – County Legislature 8
Carrie Ingersoll-wood – County Legislature 10
Ken Bush – County Legislature 13
Maurice Brown – County Legislature 15
Nodesia Hernandez – County Legislature 17

City of Syracuse
Nader Maroun – City Auditor
Chol Majok – Common Council at large
Rita Paniagua – Common Council at large
Jimmy Monto – Common Council 5

Town of Manlius
John Deer – Town Supervisor
Mike Nesci – Town Council
Heather Waters – Town Council
Alissa Italiano – Town Council

Western Region 6

Click on links to see your county:

Chautauqua County Legislature
Bob Bankoski – County Legislature 2
Susan Parker – County Legislature 4
Terry Niebel – County Legislature 5
Frederick Larson – County Legislature 12

City of Jamestown
Eddie Sundquist – Jamestown Mayor

Erie County
Mark Poloncarz – Erie County Executive
April Baskin – County Legislature 2
Mike Kooshoian – County Legislature 3
John Bargnesi – County Legislature 4
Tim Meyers – County Legislature 7
John Gilmour – County Legislature 9
Deb Seeber – County Legislature 10

Town of Amherst
Angela Marinucci – Amherst Town Council
Mike Szukala – Amherst Town Council

City of Buffalo
Leah Halton-Pope –  Buffalo Common Council (Ellicott)
Zeneta Everhart – Buffalo Common Council (Masten)

Town of Cheektowaga
Brian Nowak – Cheektowaga Supervisor
Darryl Stachura – Cheektowaga Highway Superintendent

Town of Hamburg
Dan Kozub – Hamburg Town Board
Frank Bogulski – Hamburg Town Board

Town of Tonawanda
Carl Szarek – Tonawanda Town Council

Town of West Seneca
Molly Martin – West Seneca Town Clerk
Scott Robertson – West Seneca Town Council

Monroe County
Adam Bello – Monroe County Executive
Marv Stepherson – County Legislature 3
Terry Daniele – County Legislature 5
Mel Callan – County Legislature 9
Howard Maffucci – County Legislature 10
John Baynes – County Legislature 11
Mike Yudelson – County Legislature 12
Susan Hughes-Smith – County Legislature 14
Dave Long – County Legislature 16
Lystra McCoy – County Legislature 18
Tom Sinclair – County Legislature 19
Mercedes Vazquez-Simmons – County Legislature 22
Linda Hasman – County Legislature 23
Carolyn Delvecchio Hoffman – County Legislature 25
Yversha Roman – County Legislature 26
Rose Bonnick – County Legislature 27
Ricky Frazier – County Legislature 28
William Burgess – County Legislature 29

Niagara County
Christopher McKimmie – County Legislature 3
Jeffery Elder – County Legislature 4
Carla Speranza – County Legislature 12

City of Lockport
John Lombardi – Mayor
Tara Clayton – Lockport Common Council
Kathryn Fogle – Lockport Common Council
Somers Sherman – Lockport Common Council
Luke Kantor – Lockport Common Council

City of North Tonawanda
Joseph Lavey Jr. – North Tonawanda City Council
Frank DiBernardo – North Tonawanda City Council
Joseph Marranca – North Tonawanda City Council

Political Action Coordinators

Contact your region’s coordinator:

Long Island Region 1:
Sue Castle, Coordinator
(631) 462 – 0030

Metropolitan Region 2:
Matthew D’Amico, Coordinator
(212) 406 – 2156

Southern Region 3:
Chris Ludlow, Coordinator
(845) 831 – 1000

Capital Region 4:
Bryan Gorman, Coordinator
(518) 782 – 4400

Central Region 5:
Josh Schick, Coordinator
(315) 433 – 0050

Western Region 6:
Chris Rackl, Coordinator
(716) 691 – 6555