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CSEA Political Action 

2020 was a record setting election that saw millions of New Yorkers exercise their right to vote despite an ongoing pandemic.   Now we enter 2021, a local government election year, which means many elected leaders in our Counties, Cities, Towns and Villages and School Boards will be up for election, and many school budgets will be up for approval.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Are you registered to vote?

You can register by mail or online by visiting the DMV website.

Important Dates in 2021

  • March 16th – Village Elections
  • May 18th – School Budget and Board Elections
  • May 28th – Last day to Register for Primary Elections
  • June 22nd – NYS Primary Elections
  • October 8th – Last day to Register for Primary Elections
  • November 2nd – NYS General Elections


Importance of Local Government

What value does Local Government have for you?

Local Government provides ALL New Yorkers with a quality of life that is often overlooked or even taken for granted.

Most of these services are provided by CSEA members!

…There are over 120,000 CSEA members working in Local Government providing these essential services.

But only 1 out of 3 members VOTE in Local Elections

We can do better!

We will update this page throughout 2021 with information related to Local Government Elections, including information on registering to vote, endorsed candidates, and early voting.  Come back often!

If you would like to volunteer to help with political campaigns contact your Region’s Political Action Coordinator.

Region 1 – Sue Castle

Region 2 – Matt D’Amico

Region 3 – Chris Ludlow

Region 4 – Bill Gustafson

Region 5 – Josh Schick

Region 6 – Chris Rackl

Click on the Region below to view the complete list of endorsed candidates
Region 1 - Long Island Region

Suffolk County Special Election – May 25th
Endorsed Jim Mazzarella for Suffolk County Legislature

Region 2 - Metropolitan Region

New York City – Primary Election June 22nd

Early Voting available from June 12th – 20th

Click here for information on Early Voting, Absentee Ballots and Polling Locations

New York City will be using Rank Choice Voting for the Primary Election.

Click here to learn more about Rank Choice Voting. 

CSEA has endorsed the following for Primary Election

Eric Adams for Mayor

Erik Bottcher for City Council District 3

Rebecca Lamorte for City Council District 5

Kevin Riley for City Council District 12

Marjorie Velazquez for City Council District 13

Pierina Sanchez for City Council District 14 

Selvena Brooks-Powers for City Council District 31

Region 3 - Southern Region

Westchester County
Endorsed Tim Idoni for Westchester County Clerk
Endorsed Christopher Johnson for Westchester County Legislature District 16

City of Yonkers Council
Endorsed Corazon Pineda – District 2
Endorsed Carlos Burgos – District 4
Endorsed Stella Schwuchow – District 6 

Click here for information on Voting in Westchester County! 

Orange County
Endorsed Stephen Bedetti for New Windsor Town Supervisor

 Click here for information on Voting in Orange County!

Region 4 - Capital Region


Region 5 - Central Region
Region 6 - Western Region

Monroe County
Malik Evans for Mayor of Rochester
Visit his website for more information

Rachel Barnhart for Monroe County Leg. Dist. 21

Mercedes Vasquez-Simmons for Monroe County Leg. Dist. 22

Albert Blankley for Monroe County Leg. Dist. 24

Carolyn Hoffman for Monroe County Leg. Dist. 25

Ricky Frazier for Monroe County Leg. Dist. 28

William Burgess for Monroe County Leg. Dist. 29

Click Here for Information on Monroe County’s Early Voting Times and Locations

Erie County
Byron Brown for Mayor of Buffalo

Howard Johnson for County Leg. Dist. 1

Bob Mahoney for Hamburg Town Council

Megan Comeford for Hamburg Town Council

Ed Hughes for Hamburg Highway Superintendent

Mike Schraft for Evans Town Council

Click Here for Information on Erie County’s Early Voting Times and Locations 

Chautauqua County
Christine Starks for Chautauqua County Legislature

Bill Ward for Chautauqua County Legislature

Don Williams for Dunkirk City Council

Click Here for Information on Chautauqua County’s Early Voting Times and Locations