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2024 Presidential Election Year

Another wild presidential election year is upon us.

While there will be overwhelming media coverage of the U.S. Presidential race in 2024, there are still a number of important races here in New York, including State Senate, Assembly and U.S. Congressional races. 

CSEA is expected to be involved in many of these important races, so stay tuned to this website as we update it with information through the year, including CSEA endorsements. 

In the meantime, use the information on this page to check your voter registration status to make sure you can vote.  Contact your region political action coordinator if you would like to run a voter registration drive at your workplace.

Early Voting Information

Early Voting for the Primary Election begins Saturday, June 15, and runs to Sunday, June 23. Times and locations vary by county. Click on the link below to find your county’s information.

Find Early Voting details in your county

CSEA Endorsements

Long Island Region 1

June 25, 2024, Primary Election

Senate District 6 – Siela Bynoe

Metropolitan Region 2

June 25, 2024, Primary Election

Assembly District 35 – Larinda Hooks
Assembly District 37 – Johanna Carmona
Assembly District 54 – Erik Dilan
Assembly District 68 – Eddie Gibbs
Assembly District 69 – Micah Lasher
Assembly District 70 – Jordan Wright
Assembly District 82 – Michael Benedetto

Southern Region 3

June 25, 2024, Primary Election

Congressional District 16 – George Latimer
Assembly District 92 – MaryJane Shimsky
Assembly District 103 – Gabi Madden
Assembly District 106 – Didi Barrett

Capital Region 4

No endorsements at this time!

Central Region 5

June 25, 2024, Primary Election

Congressional District 22 – John Mannion

Western Region 6

June 25, 2024, Primary Election

Assembly District 137 – Demond Meeks
Assembly District 147 – Mitchell Martin


Use this link to check.

Use this link to register online to vote.

Use this link to request a voter registration form be mailed to you.

For more information, call:
1-800-FOR-VOTE (1-800-367-8683).


Important 2024 Dates


June 25 Primary Election Day
November 5 General Election

To learn more or get involved, contact your region’s Political Action Coordinator. Contact information is below.

Political Action Coordinators

Contact your region’s coordinator:

Long Island Region 1:
Sue Castle, Coordinator
(631) 462 – 0030

Metropolitan Region 2:
Matthew D’Amico, Coordinator
(212) 406 – 2156

Southern Region 3:
Chris Ludlow, Coordinator
(845) 831 – 1000

Capital Region 4:
Bryan Gorman, Coordinator
(518) 782 – 4400

Central Region 5:
Josh Schick, Coordinator
(315) 433 – 0050

Western Region 6:
Chris Rackl, Coordinator
(716) 691 – 6555