Central Region Committees

Region Standing Committees:


Joe Thompson, Chair – Nicole Meeks, Advisor

The Region Audit Committee reviews the financial transactions of the Region and determines that they are in compliance with CSEA’s Financial Standards Code and other established policy.

Tim Backus, Chair – Nicole Meeks, Advisor

The Region Budget Committee has the duty and responsibility to help the Region President formulate a budget and plan for expenditures during the coming year.

Education & Program
Sheila Sears & Catrina Leone, Co-Chairs – Ken Greenleaf, Advisor

The Region Education and Program Committee works with the CSEA Department of Education and Training, focusing on the education and training needs of members and the training and development activities of officers and stewards, as well as designing interesting and informative programs and workshops to increase participation in and enhance skills for those attending Region workshops and functions.

Safety and Health
Joe Miceli, Chair – John Brown, Advisor – Josh Kemp, Staff Advisor

The Region Safety and Health Committee has the responsibility to assist the Occupational Safety and Health Specialist in informing our membership to identify and prevent safety hazards, working toward the correction of these problems, and ensuring compliance with safety guidelines and standards. The Committee puts out a newsletter, Keep V Alive.

Political Action
David Lee, Chair – Josh Schick, Staff Advisor

The Region Political Action Committee works with the Political Action Coordinator in preparing legislative and lobbying programs, conducting endorsement interviews, and training and recruiting volunteers.

Kim Kopp, Lynn May, Co-Chairs – John Brown, Advisor

The Region Veterans Committee’s mission is to protect and enhance the rights and privileges of CSEA members who served in the American Armed Forces, particularly those who served during the time of armed conflict and, more particularly, those who were disabled resulting from armed conflict.

Michele Martin, Chair – Chantalise DeMarco, Advisor

The Region Womens Committee is concerned with decent, fair, and equitable wages, dignity of work, decent work and work-related conditions and development of the individual, with special emphasis on the needs of women.


Region Special Committees

Constitution & ByLaws
Jim Jackson, Chair – Casey Walpole, Advisor

The Region Constitution & ByLaws Committee is responsible for suggesting, proposing and drafting the language for amendments to the CSEA Constitution & ByLaws.

Human Rights
Theresa Young, Chair – Ken Greenleaf, Advisor

The Region Human Rights Committee is concerned with assisting individuals, particularly minorities, with employment, training, and counseling and networking with community groups.

Local Government Issues
Mary Linnertz, Chair – Nicole Meeks, Advisor

The Region Local Government Issues Committee was formed in 2011 to address the specific shared issues of our Local Government division workers.

 Member Services
Tammy Witteman, Chair – TBA, Advisor

The Region Member Services Committee was formed to handle the tasks of building membership across the Region, increasing membership participation in union events, enhancing the union’s communication with its members and promoting union participation in community and social events. The committee also oversees responsibility for reviewing applications and determining awardees for our Region College Scholarships.

Next Wave
Dustin Young, Chair – Casey Walpole, Advisor

The Region Next Wave Committee has been established to focus on the needs and issues of our younger generation of activists.

Karen Bright, Chair – Casey Walpole, Advisor

PEOPLE (Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality) is our federal Political Action Committee. The Region PEOPLE Committee is responsible for promoting interest in federal elections and raising issues within a federal context.