Our union, state continue recruitment and retention efforts


From left to right, State Civil Service Commissioner Timothy Hogues and CSEA Statewide Secretary Richard Bebo, who spoke on behalf of CSEA at a news conference announcing the expansion of paid parental leave.

ALBANY — CSEA and Gov. Kathy Hochul’s administration are continuing to work together to promote civil service recruitment and retention.

The governor, while announcing the expansion of paid parental leave to eligible state employees (see Page 3), praised State Civil Service Commissioner Timothy Hogues’ efforts to modernize the agency’s practices to allow for worker recruitment and retention.

“You are making a profound change every single day and opening up the doors to the greatest noble jobs in our state, and that is the part of our public-sector workforce,” said Hochul to Hogues, also president of the state’s Civil Service Commission.

The governor also recognized the state’s unionized workforce.

“You’re the ones that keep the state running and thriving,” said Hochul. “I will never, ever take for granted what you do. Often, you’re the unsung heroes. You don’t get a lot of pats on the back.”

Hochul, who has noted that unions are very important to her family, stressed that she will never take public employees for granted.

“I will always not just defend you, but herald you, talk about you publicly as we try really hard to encourage others to seek the noble path of public service, as you have all done,” said Hochul. “These are great jobs. There’s a lot of pride in them and you’re truly solving problems for people every single day.”

Hogues, who introduced Hochul at the June 13 news conference, noted that the state Department of Civil Service has been working to implement New York State Budget measures that promote worker recruitment and retention.

“We are moving forward on several exciting initiatives that were included in this year’s budget, from promoting equal access to service careers, to expanding job opportunities for individuals with disabilities, to making New Yorkers from all communities more aware of the meaningful career opportunities available in public service,” said Hogues. “Paid parental leave will be the latest action to help us recruit and retain a diverse and talented workforce that will serve all New Yorkers for many years to come.”

In April, Hogues outlined some of the agency’s initiatives to CSEA officers during our union’s Board of Directors meeting.

“I have been lucky to get to know and work alongside many of you as we work hard to modernize the civil service process and bring new talent into the public service,” said Hogues. “I’m grateful to Governor Hochul for her support and commitment to bolstering our public workforce and making government work better for all New Yorkers.”

— Janice Gavin


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Janice Gavin is the editor of The Work Force and CSEA’s special interest publications. A graduate of SUNY Plattsburgh and Syracuse University, Gavin has been a journalist and public relations professional for more than 25 years. She worked as a newspaper reporter and bureau chief at the Plattsburgh Press-Republican, where she was honored with Associated Press and New York Newspaper Publishers Association awards. Gavin joined CSEA as a communications specialist in the union's Southern Region in 2000. In 2004, she became The Work Force's associate editor, a position she held until becoming the publication's editor in 2017. Growing up in a union household, she is dedicated to improving workers’ lives through telling their stories.

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