Mary E. Sullivan: Get involved in our union!


Sisters and Brothers:

It has been a busy Fall season so far, and of course, a very different one. With COVID-19 still very much a problem in our state and nation, we have learned all sorts of new ways to adapt and change and still do the best we can to protect and represent our membership.

We just got through holding our very first virtual convention in our union’s 110-year-history.I very much appreciate the union staff who helped put this together to make it a success, but it was the participation from members like you, who stepped up to represent all the members, who accomplished the actual business of running our union.

That’s because our union, like many other things in life, is not designed to be a spectator sport. We are a member-run union, and we function better when YOU get involved, to whatever extent possible. I know that people lead busy lives, but we cannot always leave it to others to be involved for us. We all care about improving our livelihoods and providing for our families, and we want our union representation to help enhance those things. I can tell you that when members get involved, we get stronger, and our ability to make positive changes on behalf of the members increases dramatically.

If you’re not happy with the direction our union is taking, then I urge you even more strongly to get involved. You have no idea how many of our best union activists started out getting involved because they weren’t happy with what they were seeing in our union. They stepped up and got involved and learned how to make positive changes working within our union structure, to improve things for us all. I hope everyone who thinks we can do better takes the opportunity to join us in making that a reality.

You know what else is not a spectator sport? Our Democracy. I would be remiss if I didn’t take this last opportunity to remind every single union member to get out and vote. Our system only functions well if people participate. This year, that’s a lot harder than most, but we have numerous opportunities with early voting and absentee ballot voting, as well as in-person voting, to make sure our voices are heard. You know who our union supports and thinks will be the best candidates for working women and men, but the final decision is up to you and you alone, and I hope you’ll exercise your right and responsibility to vote in this and every other election.

In November, we also celebrate Veterans Day and recognize the incredible contributions of our servicemen and women who have fought for our freedoms and on behalf of a grateful nation. We honor our union veterans and are proud to advocate on their behalf through our Veterans Committee, making sure their issues are addressed and their service is not forgotten. Please thank them for their service this Veterans Day.

I wish you all a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving holiday.

In solidarity,

Mary E. Sullivan, President


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