One key to building our strength as a union is using social media to spread our message and emphasizing the value of union membership.

Social media, including our CSEA Local 1000, region and local and unit Facebook and Twitter pages, has the potential to:

  • reach tens of thousands of members and nonmembers;
  • spread our message across the state — and beyond — very quickly; and
  • help build our strength.

To help our members visualize this power, we brought a New York State map — highlighting each of our union’s six regions — to our 108th Annual Delegates Meeting.

Specifically, we asked delegates to pinpoint the community they live in to represent sharing a positive union message on social media. We also invited them to return to the map later to see how each action spread across the state.

As shown on the map, our message spread widely. Each positive union comment, like or share you make matters. Stay union, stay strong!


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