Assault on CPS worker shows dangers of job


WHITE PLAINS – CSEA leaders and activists from the Westchester County Unit are calling attention to the dangers involved in our work as public servants after aCSEA member was attacked and injured while performing her job as a child protective services caseworker.
The woman, a longtime CPS worker in one of the county Department of Social Services satellite offices, was performing what’s most commonly known as a removal – taking custody of a child to be placed in foster care after it was determined the child could not remain with his or her custodial parents due to safety concerns.
While at a local hospital picking up an infant to be placed into foster care, a man attacked the worker while she was inside the hospital performing her job. The worker suffered multiple injuries and was home recovering after receiving medical treatment.
“This incident reminds us that even in a secure hospital setting, our caseworkers still face dangers on the job,” said Unit President Kwabena Manu. “People should know that CSEA members work in some of the most challenging of situations. Emotions run high when a child is being removed from parental custody and this is one example of what can happen.”
Manu noted that he and other union leaders are working with CSEA’s Occupational Safety and Health Department, both to investigate this incident and explore where additional safeguards can be put in place.
Phone calls from our members with concerns about the injured worker came in from across county work sites, Manu said.
“Everyone’s thoughts are with our union sister as she recovers,” said Manu.


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Jessica Ladlee is the communications specialist for CSEA's Southern Region. A graduate of Boston University, Ladlee is an award-winning journalist who worked as a newspaper editor before joining the CSEA communications team in 2004. She is passionate about the opportunities unions provide for people to join the middle class, something her grandmother did as a Rockland County CSEA member over 50 years ago.

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  1. Our coworker and sister CSEA 9200 member was brutally attacked. She suffered devastating injuries. Our other coworker and sister CSEA 9200 member, who accompanied her, saved her from worse injuries. The ordeal was devastating to all caseworkers, and to all Public Employees who face these dangers every day, and for these to employees, a traumatizing experience that will take a long time, if ever, to overcome. I pray for my coworkers, sister CSEA members, MY FRIENDS a speedy recovery, emotionally and physically. I pray for all or our workers every day, that they stay safe.

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